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Jorge Lanata first performed "Hora 25", in TN, with individual interviewee – 03/26/2019


Jorge Lanata He returned to television with the first performance of " tHour 25"(Monday to Thursday at 23, by TN), the circle where the journalist interviews" ordinary people "because, we hold, each of us has a story to tell. Lanataand stood before a mirror and talked about his personal story.

"I made this program for the first time 28 or 27 years ago on the radio, it was heard around here," he explained. Jorge Lanata while showing cassette. "I was kind to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: I was directing during the day Page / 12 and at night, in the Rock and PopI was doingHour 25", he remembered, as he had stimulated the days when he first announced that television was the successful radio series.

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Lanata he said he was convinced that "the verticality of the sky" on radio and television and he reasoned: "There is a moment when, even if you don't offer it, you're really telling." "On television, where almost everyone lies, that a small island of truth is healthy for all: for me and for you," he said.

After remembering that in;Hour 25From Rock & Pop at the time had done an "ego trip", that is, an interview with him, revealed that he would be the interviewee at the first performance of the TV circle. "Now, 30 years later, we have a TV version of the ego journey he said. Next year, I will go from the media to the networks. I wanted me to do that again in my final year in traditional media.Hour 25', A program that I loved. "

Jorge Lanata does that

Jorge Lanata makes "Hora 25", Monday to Thursday, aged 23, by TN.

So, in front of a mirror, Lanata he asked himself: "You said you were astonished by the life you had, what surprised you?" And he answered:I learned 56 years of adoption. It's a strange time to find out. First I thought it was why they were lying to me for so long? I thought a lot of time looking for them (their birth parents), but I felt I didn't need to do it, my life was what it had to be, I was already. But what a strange life!"

"When I was my child, my mother had a brain tumor, she wasn't my biological mother to me, Angelica, and she had paralysis on the right side of her body paralyzed," she continued to count and count. Lanata– We can understand words, but not put them together. We can answer yes & no; or 'no'; only. I come from a low middle class family, from Sarandí. I didn't have libraries in my house. "

From childhood, he was uncomfortable about the day of his birthday. This explained: "When I was a child, in our house we did not celebrate birthdays because we said that we were going to celebrate when my mother was cured, and it was not cured."

Lately, Jorge Lanata He mentioned the illness that had recently been kept in-house for long days at the Favaloro Foundation. "I was always talking about my diseases, because I'm not guilty," he said, "if I get sick of something connected with cigarettes, it's my fault, but so far, none of my illness had anything to do with it.It's hard to be vulnerable, but I said, whenever I had an illness, it wasn't embarrassing.

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Other life experiences, t Lanata He recalled that he had used drugs and that he could stop that addiction. "The real release is, anyway he said. People take drugs because the world hurts, and people are weaker than others and take drugs to their own buffers. But it's not working, because you don't buffer, even if you think so. "

Certainly the good thing is to go on at all times, Jorge Lanata "I defeated many times and many other people failed," he said, "and nothing happens, what you see here is not life, our television, it can measure or not measure t , but I'm not worried. fear of failure, because if you fail, nothing happens: you get up and follow. "

In another section of her monologue Jorge Lanata He said: "As a journalist, I realized the difference between the microclimate and the public, the microclimate is jealous, it has a small, the public, on the other hand, is generous. T " "You are never more lonely than when a program ends," he added, "you're on your own and your head goes to four thousand while the world was from front, on the air also goes to four thousand, begins to go at normal speed. "

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At the age of 58, he ensured that he was now better than when he was 20 years old, and that he was celebrating it: "Thank God, I feel that I am not the same as in 20, I am has learned something, cohesion is not worth it in itself ”.

In his "ego trip", Lanata He said, "Despite the passage of time, I tried to continue to have an animal reaction with my work and with my life, because the animal is: a tiger doesn't want to fly, there's a tiger".

Only a moment he spoke about politics and said that "in Argentina, politics is sick: the left is boring and the right is cruel".

"I'm happy to be able to do;Hour 25'And I hope that all these nights will be here; he offered the viewers at the end of the first broadcast of the program.


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