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Jimena Baron mentioned when complaining about the criticism she got in the Bailando and there was a hard crossing with Flavio Mendoza


The final of the competition made in the catarrsis Show Specialists and he was discussed with the choreographer after the debate in Aberystwyth Twitter.

The lively crossing of Flavio Mendoza with Jimena Barón

Within hours of end 2018 dancing, the fun of Jimena Baron far from being the best to compete with Julián Serrano a Sofi Morandi on the track for the title of the champions. The actor recognized criticism as a dancer Cinthia Fernández in Los Angeles in the morning, who after the semifinal said: "It's not against Jimena, but she stumbled on eggs, she was hidden. He deserved to go to the phone more than once. She was the only one who assembled in the Dancing "

"This is the final, I'm pleased to be here, I'll feel I'm second banking, but they did not give it and they give it a lot to nor "

After being affected by that sudden comment, Jimena came into tears on a cell phone with Show specialists: "I feel like my ass, they give us a lot. This is the final, I'm proud to be here, I'll feel that I am second banks, but they did not give us and they gave us a lot. Today we had a place to enjoy and we would just go fishing. I always made the effort to bring joy, I feel that it is my seal and that is my opinion, but I am human and it costs a lot for me to hear some things. "

Then he noted Flavio Mendoza, and yesterday had an irony by his promise to try and fulfill the dream that sponsored Mery del Cerro: "If you do not give people in the newsletters, how will you help Mery's dream?" Then Baron expressed emotion: "I'm talking to them Victor, o Caresses and souls, Mery Dream. I had a simple intention to work with what I worked. I do not have a bakery, I'm a singer, no matter how much I'm thriving. As with that too. I feel that they do not help me arrive today because I want to arrive, they may do it for the purpose and I ask that that is enough. It affects me a lot and I do not believe it deserves the level (from abusive). I understand the game, but today I would like to be happy and I feel bad ".

"I feel they do not help me come here as I wish, they may do it for the purpose and I ask that it is enough, it affects me a lot and I am not Believe it deserves the level (from aggressive) I understand the game, but today I would like to become happy and I feel sorry. "

After a break to breathe and dry her tears, the actress continued: "Part of the program I understand, the round trip. I do not want to be caught or favored, but I will ask More or less restrictions. It seems to me that there are things that are out of the joke already and that it would handle me very much to get upset at the end, because they want or not, think I danced smoke, it was hard for me to arrive. I also have a beautiful dream behind me and it makes me angry. "

At that moment, Flavio fought: "If you're wrong because of what I said, forget yourself. I do not have any bad food, not at all. The least I want is you close , as it neutralizes you. "From that time there was a time talk between Jimena Barón and Flavio Mendoza.

-Jimena Baron: It was already, Flavio. Life is not a whole strategy, you can not live thinking how you're waiting. It was already, it hurts a specific limit that goes to hell, it's not good. I believe that I'm asking you to break here. "

-Flavio Mendoza: This also helps you because people see you hurt, looks good.

-JB: I am not interested in how people see me, I want them to finish and get to the finals happily.

-FM: You talk to me about a strategy and I can also think that you are a strategy, you are an actor. Beyond that that affects you, someone who attacks you serves for your followers.

-JB: I do not need your help, Flavio. If you attack me to work together, I am sure she hurts me more than he can help me.

-FM: No, no at all.

-JB: Everything is good, we live giving.

-FM: You have to have humor as you said to me that I had to get me.

-JB: Okay, Flavio.

In the end, Marcelo Polino recommends end of conflict with Flavio Mendoza a Jimena Baron He objected: "In the morning in the other program they will tell me how I was dancing, it's unfair, I'm walking on eggs, I can listen, I answer, I'm trying to get my I promise not to wear this spicy thing. ShowMatch but time comes when I can no longer. They're good they do not want us. "

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