Wednesday , May 25 2022

"I've always had a lot …" Dalma Maradona made an unusual law!


She is the eldest daughter of Wales Diego Armando Maradona, familiar with the use of social networks and reporting in the most original and sincere way of everyday life. On this occasion, Dalma He used his Instagram account to comment on his experience when he took a normal study of his pregnancy.

He went to the doctor and he had to study a bit of control, as well as a lot of blood. After what happened, the actor remembered his worst fears and fears when he came to catch blood and decided to share his feelings in an extensive text on the photographic social network. "I'm not talking about pregnancy greatly because that's all the experts and IG's opinion leaders, but I want to tell you today that I have to study to know if I have a significant diabetes really! I speak) and I remember that I always scared to have blood and talk to me or talk to me! "Was it starting its virtual message.

Then she referred to her mother and said: "I can ask ij claudiavillafaneok the posters that I made as a girl when I turned to give me the vaccine and go out to the street or no longer , so a little girl cried to get blood and she was always obvious with her to accompany me even though she was not so young! "

After deciding to share with the netizens, he went for more and said: Today, the study is to get blood (for my several tons), takes a sweet (very sweet sweet) fluid, waiting for 2 hours and go back to remove blood (less tubes than before but one else brought out at the end) is a question that I'm going on my own because I'm making the cheese and I wanted to die after boredom and fear! The matter is that a baby, still in the box, makes me feel beautiful when they are pulling blood and I'm sure I'm re-understanding … I want to do the same thing ! "I wrote." I think that getting alone did not give me any time to mariconear with anyone and AH, I was taking a thousand liters (exaggerated numbers 1) and realized that it was not so serious that everyone was doing their work very well! I'll believe a thousand now! " Dalma Maradona.

Finally, he gave a lot of advice to his learners and ended with a genuine confession: "I'm going to be a mom and realize that some things are sometimes not optional, like when I & # 39; I want to make a fuck, no longer! I'm still fierce but we still do not touch the birth issue … Thank you! Everyone is an excuse to tell them not to be afraid of anything! (I parked, do not start breaking with the eh, by getting your tongue out I can cite everything), "he said.

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