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Ituzaingó: they transferred themselves as patients and killed a cardiologist's father – 05/21/2019


Two offenders are patients in a medical office in the town of Ituzaingó Buenos Aires, where they killed the father of a cardiologist and they injured the woman.

The event took place this Monday around 5.30 pm in the neighborhood Villa Alianza, where a man and woman showed up a house on Calle Honorio Pueyrredón and Gabriela Mistral, where an office has been located.

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They went into the place with the excuse for a shift and they made their attempt to steal. The doctor, identified as Sabrina Alejandra Scheffelaar (39) and her father, Alejandro Oscar Scheffelaar Klotz (64), were injured by two thieves.

The man was shot in the chest and his life was lost, while his daughter was hit by bullets in both legs and right arm, so she was immediately taken to the Dávila Clinic in Ituzaingó and then referred to Hospital Posadas.

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The attackers escaped without taking any possessions and Buenos Aires Police are looking for them very much. They are investigating the safety cameras in the area, given that the leak would have occurred in a gray car Gol brand.

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