Tuesday , November 24 2020

"It's vital that the IMF allows us to sell dollars"

For the economist, political uncertainty implies a risk and, until the election campaign arrives, the supply of dollars will be greater than demand

Y hike o & # 39; r dorlong inside this one thlast week generor what y theme hi set again inside y market, The a inside y means.

Y economist Miguel Angel Broda He gave her visionorn i respect, The a hiñior what "Yes essential what y IMF no enable a sell dorfloor residues o & # 39; r Trysor inside big size. Afteres, The ie hi they use them o not it dependsa o cormo is y call a y bid. Yes all right important y a decisionorn what hi it isa take inside these dilike" sureor with relationshiporn a y missionorn o & # 39; r organism amlochrog.

"My mom nthonly is 8.000 million, The but buttonholea fi wait short a bod mas. With that a y sell inside in the future o & # 39; r Bank Central, The it's similar y dorlong not arrive a y band above, The ie is what Cristina not it isa three points top inside y votes" extrao

In saidalogo with Marcelo Longobardi no Radio Miter, The he says what "today we are bad, The but come along okay" like compromiseorn a what what I was y first quarter o 2018, The er neither does it she was all right optimistic with y 2020 a mas alla.

"We are inside a hyperioniantorn with a inflationorn o 50%, but falling significantly y imbalance restring what afterimasters inside 2018" debate. As wellen please stateor what y caida o & # 39; r salary real "is strongipool" a it isbeing "13% below against 2018"

"A my trial y recessionorn couldia bod has disappeared ie y creI say i sector private not I was fall so strong inside teterms real. Na hi can leave a y banks what take deporsites a he lend i BCRA, The they have what drain a dutyia limit what what y banks he buy o Leliq i BCRA a after a a little mas o growth o & # 39; r creI say" critico

I y economist, The y uncertainty poliethics suggest a risk more a believe what, The up to what arrive y campaignña election, The y bid o dorfloor go a overcome a y call. "It's similar let's get there a y band lower o new. Y problem is when start y campaignña election. Yes y populism after chance, The a y boats" añadio

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