Wednesday , January 20 2021

It's just 2% lower than the floating band for free and the BCRA extends daily purchases

The dollar is operated with very small variations across the market. The public remains unchanged in Banco Nación branches, 38.10 pesos.

In the market wholesaler It increases three cents, i 37.20 pesos.

The US money is still 77 cents or 2.1% below the floor of the non-interference zone, which is now 37,967 pesos. On Tuesday the floor will rise to 37,994 pesos.

He bought the other Central Bank USD 75 million in two auctions, first at an average price $ 37,365 (USD 50 million) and a second round of $ 37,2434 (USD 25 million).

The financial entity accrues in 2019 is bought by USD 715 million, with reserves internationally record of USD 66,844 million Last Friday

Nery Persichini, The Investment Manager of GMA Capital, "at the same time as Dollar Index (USA's main trading partner currency money fund) gives the land, the rest of the strengthen money, especially coming to prominence"

"The exchange rate between the Russian Ruble and the dollar decreased by 7.1% during 2019, followed by the South African rand (-6.1%) and Chile Chile (-6%). Argentina's weight had to connect to this trend and appreciate it close to 1% against American currency, "says Persichini.

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