Sunday , October 2 2022

It's a spirit! Look at the mysterious picture of Luciana Salazar that he can not even explain


The digital age came to help life in an incredible way. And in this context, surely, the Internet was the great appearance that served as a framework to create an unprecedented revolution. Similarly, social networks associated with devices that capture and reproduce devices also create major changes, ranging from registration every minute living to spread images that have been designed.

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And without doubt, something of the end is what comes to mind when you're thinking about what happened Luciana Salazar. There last week a special edition of the Caras magazine was published, with the presence on the cover Susana Giménez, The Mirtha Legrand, The Marley, The Luciana Salazar a Flavio Mendoza. The last three were combined with their children: Mirko, Matilda and Dionisio.

The announcement also showed some images of the event that brought together the great figures of the Argentine show. In one of them, Luciana Salazar is responsible for the business Alvaro Rivera D ', and you can see details that the model did not ignore: a mysterious hand that surrounds its stress.

"It seems to me that @lulipop has a spirit raised by the waist in the @caras magazine because the next man has her hands down … What a fear!", wrote @sabrisinopoli on Twitter.

Salazar recalled this assessment and expressed his surprise. "Who's that? I've also seen", he wrote on Twitter, as well as several emojis that reflect his fear.

Marcela the Dwarf Feudale offered a possible explanation of what might have happened: "Someone was erased from the image and they had forgotten their hand." And Salazar answered: "No, the most ugly thing is that I was only three in that picture and the woman on the left was not me".

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