Monday , May 23 2022

“It doesn’t have to happen”: Cinthia Fernández spoke in “Cantando 2020” about Miguel Granados’ violent messages


After the scandal released with the appearance of the controversial tweets written by various referees The Pumas about ten years ago, including Captain Pablo Matera, a panelist conflict arose Cinthia Fernandez and the comedian and conductor Migue Granados, given that the last of the mentioned rants was against Cinthia in the past. In this sense, the participant of the «Singing 2020»He took advantage of the cameras to talk about the violent messages from Granados.

Before her release, the interpreter sang the song “Cuban Pete”, by La Mácara. The first to rate the performance was Nacha guevara. «Facu, you ate the number, because you showed up, but also because of the costumes. If the main character is dressed like the dancers, he doesn’t display. Cinthia dances really well, but we can’t see her, they all flitted around. I’m going to raise a point for you because what I saw was very good. A mask always helps to break free, ”he said.

After, Karina The Little Princess He did the same thing and stated: «It seems to me, as she is a Cinthian figure, that it is valuable for her to let it shine. Mention their humility. The attitude of both was very good, but the vocal part was not. Cinthia revealed the entire part that she sang alone. It’s good that they’re turning to something funny, but for me it wasn’t so good.

While, Oscar Mediavilla satisfied with performance Cinthia Fernandez and his partner. “It was good. I liked what Nacha said: you, Cinthia, should have distinguished yourself. Actually you danced a lot … I don’t agree with the humility issue … There were awkward arguments. Anyway, it has to be evaluated very well, “he stressed. Finally, Moria Casán he analyzed: “I changed my hearing: those that are to others are fatal, to me are good.”

Before leaving track «Singing 2020«, Cinthia Fernandez he mentioned the violent messages he wrote Migue Granados in the past. «It’s something that doesn’t have to happen these days. Although the tweets are old, it seems to me to be excessive aggression to obsessively wish me death: ‘May you die’, ‘let a truck pass you over your head’ … The truth is being things that have no place. We could all make mistakes, because television, life and time had taught us many things, especially in the matter of humor, but in that regard it seems to me that no change was necessary , “he said first place.

Without skimping on his comments, the panelist added: “It’s something that shouldn’t have happened in no time directly. Furthermore, he apologized to me in private and I told him that if the damage had been made public, the apologies should also be made public. And it was only when we were ‘killing it’ in La previos del Cantando that he marched to tweet, apologizing that leaves much to be desired, talking ill of Jews, of the … .

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