Friday , January 22 2021

It affected 26 trips in Puerto Rico due to technical failure

There are more than a dozen trips in the Luis International Airport Muñoz Marín (LMM), in Caernarfon who suffered delays today, on Monday, due to a technical failure affecting multiple US airlines.

International airport operator Aerostar Airport Holdings said JetBlue, Southwest and United airlines had reported delays in their journeys. A total of 26 journeys are late.

"The airlines said the system was 90% up, but it hasn't been fully restored" t, says the document given to her The New Day for Aerostar.

The main US airports such as Chicago, New York, Boston, Texas, Miami and Atlanta were also affected.

"Several airlines are having problems with a flight plan cargo control program from the name AeroData, (a company that develops aircraft tracking technology). T. Different operations have affected general and regional operations, "said the Federal Aviation Ministry (FAA) in a statement.

In particular, JetBlue faced problems reaching six flights to the island. These came from New York, New Jersey, Washington and Fort Lauderdale.

SouthWest airline also faces problems on six of its trips to Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, United reported a delay on two trips to the island.

On the other hand, JetBlue reported a delay on six departure flights to Orlando, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, St. Louis. Thomas.

In the South West, in the meantime, four delays were reported in trips to Tampa and Orlando. United also reported a delay on two trips to Houston and New Jersey.

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