Wednesday , June 16 2021

Israel's Ship Bereshit completes his first move towards the Moon

A few hours ago, Bereshit, the first ship Israel sends to Lleuad, has successfully completed his first move to Lleuad, after launching his launcher and completing his proposed Earth orbit.

The set of planned movements, ultimately, is intended to refer the ship towards the orbit of the Moon when it overlaps the Earth's earth.

After two months, he is expected to go on the moon in the Mare Tranquillitatis countryside (also known as the Tranquility Sea), on April 11.

Scientists and technical staff of the Israeli Aerospace Industries headquarters were informed of the high sensitivity of the Sun rays ship on the star trackers, but we hope that this problem can be solved on the way to the moon

Today's movement to the moon considered the problems identified by star tracking systems and the scientists decided to proceed with the mission.

Bereshit, with the approval of the mission management, led his motor for the first time and succeeded in moving towards the moon successfully in just 69,400 km of Earth's face. The spacecraft during this movement will reach some point 600 km from Earth's surface as it prepares for the next planned move on Monday.

Israel took its first step towards the lunar moon on Thursday, when the Bereshit shaped spacecraft of Cape Canaveral coast was launched, on a mission that if successful set the Jewish state in a unique club of countries that can land face of the picture

If successful, the landing on the moon will make Israel the fourth country in the world to land on the surface of the picture, after the former Soviet Union, the United States and China. This is the first space capsule of its type to land on the Moon due to a private enterprise, rather than a government-funded company.

The project has been led by SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries and has been running for several years.

"Eight years ago, we ventured on this trip that is about to be completed … I can not be more pleased to give this gift to the people of Israel," said President of SpaceIL and the chief funder, Morris Kahn. Other donations came from Dr. Miriam from Sheldon Adelson, Ministry of Science and Technology, the ISA, Weizmann and several other private individuals.

IAI's Chief Executive, Nimrod Sheffer, thanked the joint team of SpaceIL and the IAI who have been working tirelessly to complete the project, for their professionalism, their decision, their faith and dedication.

The spacecraft is the smallest weights, with an emphasis of only 1.5 m. 2 m. 600 kg. (about 1,300 pounds) and cost only $ 100 million, compared to more expensive and more expensive projects.

"For many months, our teams and IAI were committed to testing the spacecraft and their systems, performing complex experiments and preparing for every possible situation of the mission," said SpaceIL Chief Executive , Ido Antebi.

Bereshit, the Israeli spacecraft ready to go to the Moon in 2019
Picture of the spacecraft on the moon. / By Update

The spacecraft will travel the longest distance to the moon: about 6.5 million kilometers. (about 4 million miles) before it's over. Bereshit will cross the space at a speed of up to 10 km. the second (36,000 km / h).

Earlier this week, President Reuven Rivlin noted not only that he was a national and historical achievement but also aims to inspire young Israeli to study STEM-related areas and follow their dreams about traveling on le.

In addition, the ship contains a "time capsule" of hundreds of digitized files on a disk, which includes pictures of Israeli children, the Torah, the national anthem, prayers, songs of Israel and a map of the State of Israel, among other cultural items.

Bereshit has arranged to park on the Moon for future generations.

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