Friday , August 19 2022

Israel launches a rocket that will reach the Moon


CAPE CAAVERAL, Florida.- He took a rocket from the US SpaceX company on Thursday night from the US with the first searcher from Israel to the moon on board, a fact that has been a source of pride in the community of Israel.

He left Falcon 9 of Complex 40 of Cabo Caaveral, on the Florida coast, with Bereshit in the interior, a module that only cuts 585 kilometers, measuring 1.5 meters around and costing 100 million dollars.

At 3:45 am this morning (East Time), the Bereshit spacekeeper (Genesis in Hebrew) I started with success by Cabo Caaveral (Florida) with the goal of arriving at the Moon on April 11th. In this way, Israel, with only 9 million inhabitants, will join the group formed by the three Russian, US and Chinese senior powers. India could be a fifth country with the launch of its Chandrayaan-2 scorer who had scheduled for April.

The SpaceX rocket, which is three minutes after going to the second stage, also raises the Nusantara Satu satellite and a research laboratory from the US Air Force.

It is anticipated that the search engine will affect a number of links around the Earth, which will be a stimulus, with the help of its engine, taking a direction to the moon in a second time, where you will have to rest on April 11.

Israel's access to the unique club matches 50 years since the arrival of a man on the Moon. And the night chosen is not only spatial but in particular, which is the same thing as a Japanese explorer separating a metal projector to affect 300 meters per second on the face of the asteroid Ryugu.

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