Thursday , August 11 2022

Is Mica Viciconte pregnant? Look at your father's unexpected comments!


Mica Viciconte a Fabián Cubero They are one of the most beloved entertainment couples. Together they share fun trips, moments of great joy with the three girls of the football player – the fruits of their wedding with Nicole Neumann – and they protect themselves in everything. In addition, there is no doubt that they are lovely in love and one of the samples was the gift that Fabian gave her beautiful love, which triggered all kinds of rumors.

The bees had given him a call for St Valentine's Day and immediately began to circulate the noise they were engaging with. Er Micaela, That's not romantic!, Refuse the journey. In an interview to Intrusos, he explained: "When he gave me the gift, we were in a hotel and I saw him in bed. Do not ask anything I did not commit. I said thank you and I've gotten him . "

However, as mentioned earlier, their supporters are so excited to continue to feed the hopes that they would get married. That is why, in Los Angeles of the Morning, they take advantage of a mobile phone with their father. former dancer to get rid of doubts. "Mica herself dedicated to Cubero?" They ask Hugo Viciconte.

"I'm not worried, I'm worried about Cubero, with the little I know, I realized that he was a good man and I believe that one of the things that are most A man's tent is to be a good dad. News, they want me to tell them that Micaela is getting married, "replied the swimmer's father.

Then he released: "I'm going to talk to you: I was with Micaela all morning before I saw her belly had to zoom". "What?" Yanina Latorre, who was LAM's leadership today, said Angel de Brito was on holiday. "I saw her big belly," said Hugo, suggesting unexpected news about an existing pregnancy.

"Do you want to be a grandfather?" Yanina wanted to know, sure they were the father's ideas. the lifeguard. Then he explained what he thought: "When we finished what we had to do, we went to eat and told me that my head was swell …" And then he laughed: "He told me that he was Eat three small sandwiches and had soda, that's the scop. "

"What's the news? What do you want to say?" That's automatically related to a possible pregnancy. Do you reject that possibility? "Mariana Brey asked that everything was clear." I'm cheated, "finished Viciconte, with humor.

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