Tuesday , November 24 2020

Increasingly closer to the galactic tourism

(ANSA) – No, it's not another test, it's really real and just leaving everything ready for the new galactic tourism. Today's Virgin Galactic company from California rises up to the height of Earth's atmosphere to its SpaceShipTwo spacecraft spacecraft Unity, reported local sources.

In this way, the British Branson company, 68, is closer to realizing its dream of sending visitors to space. The plane offered by the Unity VSS rocket had been directed by two senior pilot schemes at a height of 82.7 kilometers, exceeding the 80km mark established by the US government and is recognized as a restriction the space. The 80-kilometer mark is used to give the wings of the stalls to the pilot.

He took the test this morning from Mojave Air & Space port in California, under the watch of Branson. "I hope we're going to space today," said the founder of Virgin Galactic before the assault.

This was the fourth motor test flight for the VSS Union and the closest to date to highlight the expected flight route at some point to perform in commercial journeys. Test proofs Mark "Forger" Stucky and Rick "CJ" Sturckow is responsible for successful flight controls. "Risk is a valuable part of progress and inherent risk is that sometimes you have good times and sometimes you have a bad," says Virgin sources.

Arriving at the threshold of space will show a significant increase in promised commercial flights more than a decade ago. The Virgin Galactic development of a space ship took much more than expected and suffered reviews when the first experimental ship broke during a test trip of 2014, causing the death of the pilot.

Local sources say that Virgin is now months away from taking her first group of tourists to space, which is an objective where Branson has been working for 14 years.

Over 600 people have committed up to 250,000 dollars to travel on the rocket that can carry up to six travelers.

The company's experts, rather than aiming at space, explained using a NASA style-based rocket, Virgin Galactic uses a spacecraft that has been powered by rockets of the name VSS Unity, a larger ship similar to supersonic X aircraft developed by the American army

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