Thursday , August 18 2022

In the province 70 women a year die from cervical cancer


In Mendoza, 70 women die each year from Uterine Cervical Cancer while in the country they total about 1,800. The rate is surprising if someone thinks that periodic gynecological control is a fairly well-established exercise, however, they warn that this is not the case.

Santiago Orrico, head of breast and cervical cancer program said that this cancer is happening more in fragile sectors and to be a fight against poverty.

"The World Health Organization considers death from this cause to be characteristic of poverty, as those with resources have access but those who do not have access when symptoms are present. That happens when it's already installed and recovery is very difficult ", t detailed.

And he continued: "Since the woman won HPV, she takes about 10 years for her to go to a severe period, seeing if there is time to detect previous injuries."

He explained that the Mendoza was a high death compared to developed countries but low compared to the rest of the country, t "Is there still a need to create awareness of one of the states with fewer deaths because of this cause," he said.


Today is International Day of Fight against Cervical Cancer and is called to become aware.

The Ministry of Health said 40% of those affected had died and this is usually due to treatment in the advanced stage of the disease. The case is the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) t It is known with the pap smear, which is a normal rule in women that allows identification of injuries to this case.

The Ministry of Health, Social Development and Sport will be running the Cervical Cancer Prevention Campaign, on World Awareness Day day.

Health, Social Development and Sport Minister Elisabeth Crescitelli said: t "The aim of this campaign is to educate the population, as it is preventable cancer if it is detected early. The campaign is aimed at patients aged 25 to 65 and not. they have had PAPs performed more than a year ago ".

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