Saturday , July 2 2022

In the middle of Adrián Suar's visit to the program, Marcelo Tinelli confirmed the return date of the "Dancing"


(Video ShowMatch – El Trece)

There's a kind of classical of every finale Dancing, though, given how to return ShowMatch To screen this year, it's got more assumption for 2019.

If that is beyond the joke tone that usually dominates a visit Adrián Suar down the program, Marcelo Tinelli He took advantage of his presence to move forward the return date for next year.

"After confirming, say something here that I was saying before the program ended, on April 8 we're on the air", sentenced to the driver.

"You said the same thing last year, "the manager" chicaneó " from the programming of El Trece, but Marcelo confirm the commitment. "Next year is a day before, double the bet, after Argentina, land of love and revenge we're going in," he promised. Tinelli.

Of course, before there was a shortage of the classical round trip between them. "First welcome, we have an important endorsement in this last program to get your presence. It is very important that the high authorities of this channel are for this last program. They did not get a bit, because we started on September 3, we finished in December, as we did see each other last week, but hey, here we have, "was received with humor Marcelo, who was also, jokingly, asking him for every luck of the balance of the year that is about to end.

"It was a year that was fought, who was working. I've also worsened years eh, for everyone who says I've been worse. Did you see when the ball does not bend or go into? These are difficult times, but there is a lot of work, "Suar explained with a laugh.

"The truth is that we are very pleased to be on the screen of El Trece, preparing, with the whole LaFlia team that we are already preparing for what will be 30 years on television with a great celebration that & We need to do it from April next year ", neglecting vice president of San Lorenzo.

"The truth is to be very happy. Beyond the joke, this is the channel of the truth that you'll lose when you do not have. We always ask you to come from, but beyond the jods we do both because you're a part of the family This is from El Trece, and all of these people who coincide with us for so many years, in good times and in bad times, that loyal public who has this screen, we always talk In private trying to give people the best, we always give the heart. But very happy for 2019, I know that very good things are coming to come, "it ended. Sow.

"Me too. We are very pleased to be back on El Trece's next year, and thank you for support and love always"closed Marcelo, they did not lose the opportunity to charge Chueco for his sympathy for Boca.

"It's hard, but Boca is still the biggest, and football always gives a rematch," he defended himself Sow between laughter

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