Thursday , August 11 2022

In the face of slavery: the moving picture of a woman caring for her son dead from an oversight


Many times reduce the opioid crisis that casts the US to figures, but a woman decided to face it, man of his dead son suffers from dependencies.

Nora Sheehan or Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, share a portable portrait of his son Andrew Jugler's body, and fell into prey from the substances and died at his 29th anniversary in October.

"Hold my son dying in my arm, here is the image of dependency… This is what's happening, "said the girl.

Andrew was a common young man who liked mechanics, his mother, sisters, grandparents and dads loved him, but everything changed in 2010.

The 56-year-old woman explained that Andrew He began his reliance by taking the ocycotin painkiller, but gradually he moved to heroin and fentanyl.

Candace and Haley, sisters of Andrew, took part in the fight to help their brother, but everything was unsuccessful.

Worsening the situation when the young man left his home and moved to the woodland at Elkton, Mary, with a group of addicted friends. His family asked him to return home.

"In September when I was going to rehabilitate, he jumped out of the car at 60 mph." I stopped and started shouting, I asked, "Where do you want to be buried?", in Nora in reprinted and Daily Mail statements.

Andrew died on October 7 but his family could not recognize the body until two days later. The authorities warned Nora that her son's body declined, so she had to prepare for a strong smell during funeral services.

"This was the last thing I crossed my mind, I wanted to raise my son", he expressed.

The family decided to invite Andew's friends to the funeral to remember and raise awareness of the serious effects of the addicts.

"I hope that sharing this image will affect those who are guilty, but my biggest hope is that the rest of us will give us the best to be an alien i & problem "Nora added.

"I never think that heroin and fentanyl are so present in my community as it is, it's an epidemic," it ended.

The opioid crisis has become a public health problem in recent years. The president Donald Trump He referred in his State's direction to the Union to the epidemic and published measures to tackle it.

For the second consecutive year, life expectancy fell down in the country due to abolition to ventanel. He fell to 78.6 years, "the lowest among the developed high-income countries," according to a study that analyzed official figures of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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