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In the background, Tinelli against Macri


March 26, 2019

Clarín's general editor, Ricardo Roa, analyzed the driver's attitude and the director of sport. "The government is being pursued and blamed for the sanction for San Lorenzo," he said.

Ricardo Roa for Clarine Diary

Marquee Tinelli scoffed ruthlessly on Twitter Daniel Artana. He said: "There's someone who supports the biggest debt and the biggest depreciation in Argentina".

Artana is an economist and in many areas a highly respected economist. Professor at the University and a head of the liberal base FIEL. But that's not why Tinelli attacked him. He attacked him for a case of special interest in Tinelli: Artana was a member of the Disciplinary Court and the Premiership, which has just taken six points from San Lorenzo, Tinelli is a vice president.

Dirty file work: someone tough about Tinelli's view of Artana to disqualify her in the networks depending on the huge media power Tinelli has.

Tinelli was obviously not worried about the damage he was causing. Or worse: he cared to cause that damage. After the script, Artana was insulted and threatened in the networks and in her house. The whole because he voted against San Lorenzo. The message is quite obvious: an eye with voting against Tinelli.

He also fell at the front of Tinelli Mario Laporta, a lawyer who fled from Boca as Artana and the president of the Disciplinary Court. Laporta has touched several tweets. One was to remember tweets from Laporta itself six years ago with one loaded to San Lorenzo. And another to say Laporta's “good person” and “independent” was to say it was different.

There is much more detail than the detail in the tweet dedicated to Artana. When we talk about "more debt" and "the biggest fall in Argentina", Tinelli is talking about Macri, another Boca fan. It means: Artana and Macri are the same. And San Lorenzo and Tinelli, Government victims.

What is the problem of San Lorenzo and why was it approved? It's poorly managed. It doesn't pay the players. It has one of the most abundant campuses: almost 56, against an average of 40. And above a few of them there are high contracts in dollars.

Of the 26 clubs in the SuperleagueOnly three are losing money. The River closed the June balance with red of $ 521 million. San Lorenzo had one of $ 312 million and behind the two, Gymnastics, in a call for creditors. Even with less deficit, San Lorenzo's situation is much worse than River situation.

A river has a financial problem: paying tolls in dollars for buying players. San Lorenzo has a structural problem: many expenses and little income. Football leaves it $ 1,000 million against $ 2,600 million after the River. Poor management has been years and exacerbated by the sporting crisis.

Tinelli, who was and returned to the club's leadership, did not know the President Lammens of any sanctions for violating the League's statutes. Superliga Holder, Mariano ElizondoI had anticipated that. Tinelli knows him well: he took Elizondo to that place, who was the general manager of his production company Ideas del Sur. Tinelli was also the promoter of the Superliga external audit to manage the finances of the clubs and that now draws San Lorenzo accounts, the first to draw points. Others were only allowed with money.

This is the problem he has and he's trying to solve by kicking the ball out and blaming a power conspiracy, that is Macri. By the way, it fits in with his political aspirations and his league with Lavagna.

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