Monday , November 23 2020

In Japan, you can get weddings based on Final Fantasy

Editorial: Hapchwarae / Facebook / Twitter / Scope

Final fantasy It's probably one of the most important free franchises in the world of high quality video games, which are of a high standard. It has already been seen that there are marriages with themes around other games, but now they can be official in Japan, obviously not a country where you would want to work outside the copyright law or license.

The service is given by the company Bridal Hearts, which gives you the chance to get married as during Everlasting Bond Ceremony. Get dresses like the one you can see Final Fantasy XVI Online, including compressed textures and decorations in very detailed detail. Also, the cake will be styled as the game and a World Fantasy menu and you can also have your favorite weapons of the game and of course the atmosphere around the band music will play in live.

Its plans range from 3.5 million dollars to the value of around 70 guests. His first ceremony was held on February 14th and soon, everyone who likes to access their service.

Would you like a marriage like that? Having inspired by some other game perhaps?

Editorial: Hapchwarae / Facebook / Twitter / Scope

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