Wednesday , September 28 2022

In Falconi's farewell to Banquet, Banfield loses Argentinos


One of the last games of Julio César Falcioni in front of the "Drilling", Banfield accept a Argentina Thursday who has an end of a year about forgetting, since Bug he needs to lift his head not to have a destination in the fall.

The game is played in the "Florencio Sola" stadium, with arbitration Nicolás Lamolina and transfer Fox Sports Premium.

The whole of the right of the Buenos Aires league comes from an abstraction Racing, i Avellaneda, but the leaders have already announced that they will not renew the contract Emperor, who will be offered a manager job.

In the meantime, the set of And Mother it's lost from losing 2 i 0 in front Workshops of Córdoba and amount six consecutive falls, so you need to start adding to it so as not to compromise even more than average with the fall.

From the exit of Ezequiel Carboni like DT, it's now Raúl Sanzotti The one that has to turn the address of the device, which does not even find the way to leave this complicated and difficult situation.

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