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In Cordoba, Cristina Kirchner will go with his / her own candidate for a governor, outside the PJ – 23/02/2019

Contrary to what's happening in many states like Santa Fe, where Peronism competes in local elections in a place of unity, Cristina Kirchner decided to be in Cordoba to accompany his governor's candidate hun Outside of the Peronism presiding over the current governor, Juan Schiaretti.

This Friday, the parties of the Kirchnerista Frente Córdoba Ciudadana, who rose Pablo Carro as the donor to a governor for that space, "following the political guides organized by his host" Cristina Kirchner.

Pablo Carro, candidate for Córdoba governor without Cristina Kirchner.

Pablo Carro, candidate for Córdoba governor without Cristina Kirchner.

The front is being integrated by Plaid y Victory, the Communist Party, the Great Front, the New Encounter, the Kolina and the Plaid Deed.

In this regard, sources of Córdoba Clarín government assured that "Schiaretti had never agreed nor thought of agreeing with Cristina"

The president is one of the Alternative Federal composers together with Juan Manuel Urtubey, Sergio Massa and Miguel Pichetto, and one of the leaders who has already made it clear that & I wish to know with the former president in a national armed group or with the "unit" profession

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Near her Schiaretti: "Now we'll see How many votes does Christianity take? in the provincial election in Cordoba. "

The data is that Pablo Carro, deputy proxy and general secretary of the employees' CTA, has already participated as the head of Kirchner's list at Cordoba at the 2017 legislative elections, which replaced 9.72% of the vote.

Therefore, in the electoral motion for the government, Schiaretti will be re-elected by the Córdoba Peronism; Cambiemos will be between Ramón Mestre or Mario Negri; and Kirchnerism will post Pablo Carro.

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