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In an unforgettable dialogue with Ruggeri, Maradona revealed the battle everyone was expecting blood in


Diego Armando Maradona she was interviewed at Radio Sports Fox and he left several titles relating to the AFA, the Argentine team, Lionel Messi, among other subjects. However, there was a special moment and that was when he was crossed with Oscar Ruggeri, a former partner and a friend of the "Ten".

In an unforgettable dialogue, Maradona revealed a battle with the "Cabezón" when they were national team football players and where all the media were expecting blood. Although Diego said he had an argument with the strong defender, the two recognized that the situation was not getting bigger.

"Adjacent to what we lived, my house in Fiorito compared to today's concentration," Diego began describing the property of the Argentine team in Ezeiza. "We had fewer journalists, not so much," the jokes were "frightening", in a clear direction to the lack of press support for that team led by Carlos Bilardo, before the 1986 World Cup in Mexico where promoters would be consecrated.

Although the Dorados instructor had a nice conversation with the journalists at the table, he appeared on the scene Oscar Ruggeri, also in telephone communication. "Armandooooooo", the "Cabezón" addressed him. "What are you doing papaaaaaaa", Diego responded. In the first round trip, he became joyful and joke with Dorados de Sinaloa's presentation. "The nightmares that pull me over the head … We beat 1-0 Juarez with you holding the crossbar," Diego chicaneó, and Ruggeri replied: "Was it almost like Brazil?". "I swear that I had come to my head, rather than getting the ball, we wanted anti-strike and we thought we were in Caniggia, and only one Caniggia who," recognized Maradona t .

"Are you going to come to Argentina?", Chicaneó Ruggedi, so that Diego is branded at once "button" by broadcasting the conversations between them. "Dale Cabezón, if you know, now you're on the radio, you're shooting me, what is a button t. I feel like but with these people (Dorados de Sinaloa) we get along very well, we are very comfortable. Here you are asking for a ball and there are balls, arches and arches. You arrive and you already have the court ready to train. There is a different team and I think Tata (Martino, DT of the Mexican National Team) can give him a lot of wisdom through professionalism. She won 3-1 against Chile and you can see that the players have the smell that feels like winning, they want to go to the National Team. Tata touched them. Before that, if they played in Afghanistan, no one saw them, but the Tata gave a respectable back, "he described" Pelusa ".

"Did you set the prizes? Manga, check that they have the whole ehh, mangá"continued Ruggeri. "I've installed everything Cabezón", Diego replied, who tried complexity quickly with his friend: "Listen, t You know how old my president is. 30 years ”. "Nooooo, 30 years, Mamita, look at what we would take if we were with each other", answer the old defender and produce laughter at the table. "Look whether both of us are going to fight Cabezón prizes," Diego grew up. To which Ruggeri, bearing in mind the old claims for the awards, has added: "Nooooo mommy, but they're giving us everything If you pay, if you've won Diego. All or nothing. We win and we charge, we do not win, we are not accused. "

"Exactly, exactly, if you come to Mexico, I want you to give me one of those conversations that can't be paid to me." Once we had a debate but the good thing we don't know who won ", Maradona revealed and everyone was quiet at the table. "You remember when we fought and we got together in the first piece of the National Team. and we embraced because they were every journalist is waiting to see if pineapple ", Ruggeri called back. "Hahaha's true, t They were waiting for us to come out all tired. "continued Diego. "Of course, what happens is that we are not the same category " t, closed the "Cabezón".

To conclude, the one who tied him was the Enrique Negro and Maradona didn't want to say goodbye without throwing a dart to the one who gave him the ticket before he moved to pure gambta from the center of the court against the English. . "Do not forget about Enrique Negro, who gave me the goal goal"The complexity that Diego tried and that Ruggeri had seized. "Siiii for me he was the key, the boludez you did from gambetearte to six or seven no, the important thing was the Negro and he saw you only".

"Just because I was going between the lines, he did the big Bochini and he left me on my own. Son of the p … leave me in Guadalajara ", Diego released and the laughter returned. "That goal, if I had done it would have been the same", Ruggeri closed.

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