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In addition, Mauricio Macri wants the final in the Monumental – 11/27/2018


Mauricio Macri had tried stay out of the scandal and to focus the political cost of violence of the overhead in the City Government, with the resignation of Buenos Aires security minister Martín Ocampo.

The announcement of the Conmebol to take the Afon-Boca out of the country if the relocation work suggested another refusal to the Casa Rosada and created discomfort in the President: In private, Alejandro Domínguez queried to transfer to officials who, in his opinion, ultimately "It must be played in Argentina" and in the Monumental, although in Balcarce 50 they insisted that there would be no interference for what the South American confederation defines.

The river president, Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, leaves the hotel near the Conmebol headquarters in Luque Asuncion Paraguay. Photo: Maxi Failla

The river president, Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, leaves the hotel near the Conmebol headquarters in Luque Asuncion Paraguay. Photo: Maxi Failla

"He does not want Boca to win as an Afon in 2015 (the series of pepper gas), which seemed a bit of trouble and now the game must be played, on the bankside ", reflecting the situation of one of its colleagues, after the statement signed by Dominguez where the Conmebol argued that "It's not prudent" the relocation work in Argentina before the violence on Saturday in the Monumental zone.

"Dozens of senior glaciars were repeated in both courts, in Mar del Plata, Mendoza, Córdoba in recent years," as a refusal debate in Casa Rosada. There is also an address to the day without major events in the first leg in the Bombonera and cases of bus assaults in other parts of the world, such as England.

"It does not happen it's just here"Two ministers agreed after the Cabinet meeting in an attempt to relate the role of the attack to Boca's and other flooding.

In this way Macri in this case was waiting facing Daniel Angelici's situation and closer to Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, and even the owner of the Afon made public position the head of state in the middle of the dispute about the final decision.

For the Government changing country would mean a blow, the Unable to organize the party without violence officers in these hours have been set out to resist. One situation was increasingly far from the President's initial application, when he announced that visiting fans could go to the first leg and relocation work.

However, the government will try to see outside the final decision, as it happened with the punishment of those responsible for the failed operation. He presented the Presiding Officer on Fierce with events, although the charge fell on Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Ocampo, the minister had displaced, for the security of the City. The Pink House in turn asked to separate the saga of violence and grotesque in the superclassic with the G20 organization that will begin on Thursday.

"When the Conmebol defines it, and if it decides that the game is played in Buenos Aires, we will do it active security guarantee as done in Boca court, "said Diego Santilli, vice president of the Government of Buenos Aires and now responsible for the Ministry of Security. Clarin.

In his statement on Monday, at Casa Rosada, the Presiding Officer suggested somehow that the Libertadores champion should be resolved on the field: "The head of the City Government is responsible for studying and seeing how do you go to perfect (the operator) for the day the game is organized. "

Even after the alleged change of placement in Balcarce 50 the re-exchange was not eliminated in Buenos Aires, with special care to "not repeat the mistakes" which led to Saturday's suspension.

In the Cabinet meeting, in turn, Patricia Bullrich explained the bill to characterize the illegal business of the Barrabravas that the Executive will send to the Congress to be abused in incredible sessions.

From the beginning, the Government appealed to The River Bar's reaction theory for raids on Friday at Héctor Caverna Godoy and another member where they got 300 tickets and seven million pesos.

Rodríguez Larreta linked to the game's arrest and then joined national ministers. The officers ensured, if there is a re-exchange in the Monumental, it will be different.

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