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In a striking silver top, Maggie Bravi marched in front of the mirror: “casual”


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December 5, 2020 13:26

Dancer Maggie Bravi lives the long weekend to the fullest. He fired the networks with a video from TikTok, in which he claimed he was “going shopping.”

Maggie Bravie
Maggie Bravi’s posting illuminated the networks with a “casual” look.

Maggie Bravi live the long weekend very active in social networks. From her home in the City of Buenos Aires, the model used the application “TikTok“She wears a” casual “style in it.

The dancer in an Instagram story shared a “go shopping” look and revolutionized her followers. She sported a striking silver top and tight jeans.

In recent days, the model announced content on its social networks noting the arrival of high temperatures. He also takes time to spread his hobby for series.

In a tight micro-bikini, Magui Bravi received the final month of the year with an explosive look

She was recently shown in a tight micro bikini. “Officially in December. January – February – c vid – December “, the young actress wrote in her publication’s epigraph. It received thousands of immediate responses from its more than 1.3 million followers.

“Making a fire”, “Beautiful”, “Beautiful” and “Argentine beauty”, were some of the comments that consumers dedicated to him in his post.

As well as being a television panelist, he recently deepened his skills as an artist after taking part in the film “The 100 Candles Games.” Although the pandemic has frozen its premiere, the film will be released in the coming days on various streaming platforms.

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