Sunday , August 14 2022

In a judgment, the Court will exclude retired people from paying Income Tax


In a key judgment announced on Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Justice will exclude retired people from paying Earnings.

It will do so by declaring the deduction of the deduction for that tax on credit María Isabel García, retired from the city of Paraná, Entre Ríos, who already has two favorable judgments in previous cases.

As it was announced The NationAlthough it is a decision in a particular case, it will affect a family of 400 cases currently being processed in the highest court and could reach 600 other similar applications.

Currently, over 300 thousand retired people pay Profit in Argentina. These are salaries above 62,462 pesos and the majority of cases are summed up in provincial pensions.

Although it is not yet known how each judge will vote in particular, it is assumed that the upper court will understand that retirees should not pay Earnings because they would have double taxation: they had already paid when they were active and by what they are returning pay

According to Infobae, Ricardo Lorenzetti, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Horacio Rosatti would vote in favor of the Burundia girl. Elena Highton de Nolasco would go with the majority, while the upper court president, Carlos Rosenkrantz, would pronounce against.

In addition to the decision on the unconstitutional tax, it is known that the Court analyzes the possibility of referring to Congress's definition of what will happen to the contributions of the t people who are already retired are already doing them.

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