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In 84, Moisés Ikonicoff died

December 13, 2018

Former official Carlos Menem was an iconic character in national politics. He studied in the Sorbonne and even ventured into the magazine's theater.

The lawyer and former official Carlos Menem, The Moisés Ikonicoff He died on Wednesday, 84, as confirmed by his daughter, Natasha. "My dad told us that humor was what saved people," his birth was recorded.

He was born in Caballito on September 2, 1934, he was the son of a rural doctor and a small trader. During his first years, he moved to Ceres, Santa Fe, and after spending his childhood there, he returned to the Federal Capital with his family.

His parents dreamed he was studying at Carlos Pellegrini, his satisfaction he had achieved. He then attended the UBA Law Faculty. He was also president of the Faculty of Law Student Center and then FUBA. He has also been a professor at the Economic and Social Institute of Paris, in the Sorbonne.

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At the end of the 80's, Ikonicoff He returned to the country after a long departure and was an officer of the Welsh government Carlos Menem , who came to perform within the General Secretariat of the Presidency in 1989.

"Moses was an enemy of seriousness and a teacher And Sorbonne who went through the French May, who wrote about the economic rent and went to work in a magic theater on Corrientes Street because he had bored himself intellectually, "said Julio Bárbaro.

Due to his histrionics, he was involved in the Astros theater Silvia Suller. Many say I'm crazy, I'm clown. I do not care, I do not take myself seriously, "he said. Ikonicoff at the time.

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