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"I'm taking disasters of cannabis, they're doing me very well"


Sunday, December 02, 2018 07:16 | After inviting the board of Mirtha Legrand, actor María Valenzuela said about her fight against her health problems: "I'm a little bit of therapy".

For a long time she was turned into an intense depression that was costing her. However, the present María Valenzuela Today it is much more profitable than during that dark period. Although, of course, you have some questions to solve.

This was explained by the actor himself during his / her visit Mirtha Legrand, who was happy to see was restored and was still among her guests. "How nice you see you so well, Maria, so it's renewed, how much did you press?" the diva consulted him.

He revealed that she was weighing ten thousand less, the depression suffered: "It came from a thing and the death of a friend, who was like my brother." He had a business that had to do a hotel that he would do, near Luján, Villa Ruíz, and it came to a time that he did not. I was able to continue the death of Gaspar, and I dropped myself in the bed, a close friend called my children, they showed up and went to see a psychiatrist, then when I had to see again, I got a seizure by a panic attack We can leave "

"I'm on one medication and falling cannabis", He revealed, while saying he was still having panic attacks.

Regarding medicinal cannabis, he explained: "They're very good for depression and for the food problem, they have a lot of shortcomings in the morning and three left at night. Do you know that people 60, 70 years old, takes cannabis dripping because of bones and muscles? He proves to be doing very well. "

"Is it easy to achieve? I think it's pretty expensive", He wanted to know the diva. The actor replied: "Yes, I believe it is from Chile, the one I bought came from Chile".

"Panic attacks mean that I want to go into my house, my refuge and I know I'm safe there, there's nothing to do with, and I know that I am uncertain on the street, so the first thing to do is go home, " uncovering. He also acknowledged that he usually cried at those times: "A disorder, which ends in a panic attack."

"And how do you solve it?", he asked him And Chiqui. "And, expecting him to happen", Having counted, a little resigns. "I'll run away from a little therapy," i & n collection

Source: https://www.infobae.com/teleshow/paso-en-la-tv/2018/12/02/maria-valenzuela-revelo-que-toma-aceite-de-cannabis-por-su-depresion-me- fine-good /


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