Tuesday , January 19 2021

"I will give my life so that the kirchnerismo will not return," said Mirtha Legrand

Mirtha Legrand He did not welcome and certainly strong today that he will support the current president Mauricio Macri in the next elections. But the reason why the diva – who acknowledged more than once the current government was cheating – had planted its position, which was what he drew attention.

In his historic Sunday morning "Having a lunch with Mirtha Legrand", broadcast on channel 13, the host received as one of his guests Sergio Massa, which ensured that 70% of the Argentine population does not want Macri to be elected again.

At that time the 91-year-old driver was hiding with pure confidence: "I believe Macri will win". But Massa repeated: "I do not think. I think a new step in Argentina begins on December 10."

"I hope he wins (refers to Macri). I support him," following Mirtha, and immediately another of the guests (the comedian and his actor Jay Mammón) interfered with a question: "Would you still vote?" he says. And the diva said "yes".

But his answer did not stop there. "As long as the Kirchnerism does not return, everything. We will put my life so that Kirchnerism will not return," he unsupported.

The situation of the diva was repeatedly reproduced in social networks.

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