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"I was screaming for someone to do something," said the boy's mother who attacked a jewelry shop – 02/22/2019


Since she acknowledged her son as the author of the attempt to carry repeatedly jewelery on television, Daniela lives in hell. "I'm saturated enough, it's about to fall, this has enabled me, thanks to God, I've been helping psychologists, people who moved," he said. Clarin, at the door of his house, following a meeting with Judge Mirta Liliana Guarino, head of Youth Criminal Youth Court No. 1.

The hearing was scheduled on Thursday, after Daniela was introduced at a police station with a 9 year old son and told the boy that he was the main video that had gone to viral hours earlier, where he saw a boy who supported a gun in a jewelry counter and threaten the owner to give him money.

The trader's reaction was to pass the other side of the counter, remove the baby from the shoulders and take it to the door. The episode produced a strong impact by the age of the attacker.

"My son is a creature and is taken as a game. Think everyone knows now. He does not realize what he did. I've been motivated by another child, I've been talking about a year and a half ago. He was a normal boy until this son's bike imagined his life, "added the mother of the baby.

Judge Guarino had already revealed that Another minor contribution was investigated. The owner of the jewelery and the witness had also referred to the presence of someone waiting for the baby at the shop door.

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Although she explained that she knew it, Daniela preferred not to give that other minor identity. "I'm afraid of conflicts. I hope that this time they are with me, they will listen to me, "he complained.

His application points to all levels of the State, although his main criticisms focus on the judiciary. "I've been making allegations for a year now, it's very slow. I was crying out for someone to do something, but sin money that you are not. I'm not the first case, sometimes for being angry, your word is not worth anything. He says, "Those who have money and stronger listen to him."

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Beyond the difficult situation that is going on, Daniela believes that this chapter can serve your child. "With all macas sent We'll have stopped quietly, but this had to happen, "he said, and for his future, he added:" Next week I have to take the papers to start the school again. He will continue with psychological support, "he said.

Last Friday, Judge Guarino had talked about the boy's situation. "What's most important is the scale of this child's side, he has neurological problems, because he was in a position on the street, he had suffered an accident, It was eight months in coma and he has had sequences. One is hyperactivity. He is aware that he is in trouble, "said the magistrate.

As well as confirming the possible participation of another child in the attempt to robbery, the judge also spoke about the role of the mother. "She's a very ill mother, she's in a very important crisis, she is not left and prove not to be neglected. She has been asking for help for a long time in places that you have to ask for and she did not respond. Both were suffering from abuse situations. "

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