Friday , January 22 2021

Hubble telescope pictures in Peterson News

At 6:30 p.m. At the age of 24 in the Peterson Planetarium, Courtney Barger, a senior student at the science education university, created an NASA night show. He talked about the Hubble space telescope and the repair tours.

"This semester we make some concept of NASA and space science rather than specific trips," said Barger. "My passion is NASA. I love space."

The Hubble telescope has been used since 1990, and most of the photos we got from space came from the Hubble space telescope. It broadens our opinion of the universe.

"It's probably the most famous space teascope," said Barger, "There's a good place to start with people who do not know a lot of space trips."

During the show, he talked about the Hubble space telescope and his repair mission.

"We're talking about the Hubble space telescope with the repair mission and all the new information that told us," says Barger, "Edwin Hubble himself who discovered the universe is expanding and & # 39; n something that is relevant to some recently discovered things in the new theory. "

The show was collaborated using the videos on the dump and the explanation of a presentation by Barger at the same time.

"I'm really delighted with the show. I'm delighted that we incorporate the full quamer experiences with the presentation," said Briana Edwards, the main ground earth science "We do not have lots of opportunities to do that. "

Andrea Garritano and her eight-year-old daughter, Elizabeth Freeze, knew about a NASA night event from Facebook and came.

"I thought it was great. The pictures were great," said Garritano. "It's nice to know … how they're corrected (Hubble space telescope) . That was a great thing. We'll be sure back. "

The NASA night will be every Thursday this semester and will be a show every Saturday. On February 16th, Caleb Gimar, a graduate student from Wichita State, will give a presentation of the name "The Heart of the Sun and Beyond."

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