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How will ElectroFest be a discount drive to buy technology that starts on Monday – 10/30/2019


Selling home appliances It was one of the most boring items of 2018. The year closed with a 37% fall and according to market estimates the fall continues at the beginning of this year. In view of this, the leading retailers chains together launched ElectroFest, The discount drive that will go March 11 to 13 and will cover physical stores and online sales.

This is the first time for retailers to join these styles since the HotSale or CiberMonday have been promoted from the Electronic Chamber of Commerce and also in content of other items. In this case ElectroFest average discounts will go from 20 to 35%, although items will be selected with repayments up to 50%. The following bands will take part: Cetrogar, Frávega, Garbarino, Megatone, Musimundo, Ribeiro, Aloise, Casa del Audio, Compumundo, Hendel a Naldo.

Main chain operators put themselves in front of the event's diffusion. For Juan Martín Romero, director of Business and Technology of Frávega, "this is an unprecedented act." The leading companies in the retail home appliances in the country have decided join efforts"Nicolás Obejero, executive director of Retailing Garbarino, said he was" an opportunity to coincide with users trying to renew or Buy at the most convenient price"

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"We believe that in these moments it is when we have to create creativity and creativity actively proactive to offer prices and fund other options which can be attractive to the user, "said Dan Attie, the commercial director of Ribeiro.

After starting in the first semester with a 20% increase in total sales year on year, the use of home appliances had plunged 37% in the last three months of 2018. In the year the fall was 7.7% in real terms. According to a report by Ecolatina, the fall would have been bigger if it was not for the World Cup that encouraged to sell television in the first semester. Without this anabolic, the 2018 fall would have been 13%. However, it is estimated that the chains have only left 1 million unwanted units in television. On the other hand, 24% cellular sales improvement which almost fell from computers 50%.

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"During the second semester of 2018, the number of sales has fallen by more than 30% due to the negative macroeconomic context. The decline in purchasing power in dollars and pesos, increase and disappear credit and the uncertainty that exists during the period, strongly says the demand for durable goods, "said Ecolatina.

For this year they predict that the sale of the item "they would go back to a negative territory"The reasons are that wages would not experience real-term improvements until the second part of the year and that growth would not be enough to compensate for the land that was raised during 2018. In addition, "disposable income of the families continues to adjoin due to the relative increase of comparatively unhealthy goods and services to changes in prices, such as electricity, fuel, education, health, etc. "Finally, Ecolatina said that"The persistence of high interest rates will continue to prevent demand of home appliances in a context of increasing electoral uncertainty.


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