Monday , June 27 2022

How was the long and sad night of the Al Ain River campus


Marcelo Gallardo's face was a summary of the disappointment. In the early morning of Al Ain, the historic dedication against Boca in the Libertadores final was part of an inflexible past, but in that precise church was passed to the background. River wanted to reach the Club World Cup final, but he must settle to play the game for a third. And, for the Doll's top-competitive end, the shot of a penalty against Al Ain was not unexpected.

Even the heart of encouragement and words of thanksgiving by the supporters in the Hili Rayhann lobby, the hotel where the squad was waiting, managed to mitigate the mix From anger to poen, the coach and the players will just leave it with running days. The uncomfortable feeling may evaporate when you arrive next Sunday in Buenos Aires, where fans have kept a warm welcome which will include opening the Monumental to celebrate having the Libertadores against Boca.

There are four in the morning in Al Ain and around 40 Afon fans are trying to spend bad drinks chatting in the hotel chairs. More than sitting, some have been packaged directly: they were never of the opinion that an unknown Arab team could draw their hope from being the first Argentine team to win the Club World Cup.

Earlier, when the squad of the stadium returned, they were grateful to the players in a way that seemed more valid than forced, even despite the sadness of the loss of penalty shoot to Al Ain after match 2-2 in overtime.

"River, River I love you, I'll take you inside, heart, thank you for that joy, to beat Boca, to become a champion", the fans played for the football players and training staff. After losing, rarely the players were raising hands like rewards.

The calculations and gestures showed, at least until the hours passed slightly, the feeling of frustration will continue, less for the forms of the fall, who was ultimately for penalties, due to the fact that she had lost to a team a little less than anonymous and a country without such a football tradition.

Unlike previous days, where the whole team found it hard to sleep about the seven-hour time difference with Argentina, this time we had to watch the majority involved in the unexpected result against. As they said Infobae members of the campus, Many were able to fall asleep after 4am in the morning, just because of the game's adrenalin but more about the result.

Close to the entrance to the room where the school was eating, Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, Matías Patanian and Leonardo Astrada, who became a ESPN TV network columner, They try to find explanations about the stumble. Patanian, who is now part of the leadership but very close to her, is singing as a fan in tribute to the campus and gives her warm tapes to Gallardo at the entrance to the & # 39 delegation ; r hotel to return from stadium

Then, the river president was seen in the lobby with smile faces, far from the stadium hitting the final in the game and especially after the penalty lost by Enzo Perez.

A frequently seen fan of all the trips made by the River staff has sought the most harmful supporters to overthrow Gallardo: "Come on, come on, let the news include the story". He said with the loud tone, almost shouting and in a way that gave him the spiritual and spiritual support role of the rest.

"Now you have to take scenes in Dubai", he said, resigned, was a fan that was still on top of the white and red turban bought to go to court. The sporting attitude went into the background and more than one fan was grieved for having a great economic effort to be here with the team. "That's the most important thing, that's how to beat Boca, we got it, it was yapa", he tried to comfort him as another co-adventure.

Already early in the morning, a member of the training staff said as he passed: "If he is teaching from all this, is that you have to always be at the top of the football and physically on the top level. We can not happen and in football these things. "

The way in a micro to Abu Dhabi, after lunch, had kept a landscape with many mountains of sand, exotic with the unexpected cover against the surprising and enthusiastic Arab team.

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