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How to restore deleted links in Gmail

Yes you have deleted by mistake any of you contacts o Gmail we show you the way restored them, there's a simple feature of Google Connections.

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<p><strong>Google Links </strong>lets you control your <strong>contacts </strong>from Google services. This tool has a function that allows you to undo the adjustments you made, if <strong>we delete </strong>some <strong>contact </strong>By mistake, we can recover it.</p>
<p>The first thing is to go to a Google Links application or website and log in. <strong>contacts </strong>who have registered, as well as a <strong>contacts </strong>There are often options in the menu on the left, select <em>More</em> a <em>Undo changes</em>.</p>
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In doing so, a menu will appear where you must specify when you want to restore your list of contacts, you can do it 10 minutes ago to last 30 days.

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<p>When you complete & the actions you will find that your list is <strong>contacts </strong>return to the way they were at your chosen time, allowing this to recover the <strong>contacts </strong>you have deleted.</p>
<p>Select changes to undo, you will find that your contact list will return to the way you have received in your chosen time.</p>
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