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How to remove Instagram profile


March 26, 2019

Instagram is growing at a much higher rate than other social networks and, in the last five months has added 100 million new users.


Instagram grow at a much higher rate than each other social networks and, in the last five months it has added 100 million new users. So much so that the social app of photos – and much more – already with more than 1,000 million active users a month.

Remove profile Instagram It is not the same as extinguishing.

Although it attracts more and more people, it is possible that some people are already tired of being in it and wanting to delete their account, for whatever reasons. This is not a very easy task or, at least, the company is trying to stop it. For those who want to know how to delete their account Instagram, this is this little tutorial.

The first thing to keep in mind is that Instagram It 's allowed – and so it will try to make the user do – to deactivate the account before deleting it. This will leave it in some kind of "limbo", available when the user wants to re-act. They will keep their "favorite", their comments, all their photos and videos … that won't be deleted.

If we want to completely delete it, we will have to go to Instagram's web version, as it's not possible to make it from the app. This is somewhat controversial, as the company allows you to register from the mobile phone, so the logical thing would be to allow the user to unsubscribe from the same a device on which she registered, but this is not true.

This was accepted, as there is no other solution, we must go to the web version of Instagram from a computer to delete the account.

Once you have to click on the accounts configuration menu, which has to be marked with gear / nuts icon and pressed " tDelete the account"A drop down menu with different options will appear, asking you"Why do you want to delete your account?"

If the option is not selected, the button to delete the account will not appear, so it is convenient to choose the same or random one. Once this is done, the button will appear which will allow you to delete the account completely.

When you click on it, your profile, your photos, your videos, your comments, your "favorite" and your followers will be permanently deleted.

Once you have deleted the account, you will not be able to re-register with the same username or add it to another account. You cannot re-activate your deleted accounts.

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