Saturday , January 16 2021

how to imagine messages without appearing connected

Use WhatsApp in your spare time without anyone knowing what you're doing in the application. This trick can help you with your privacy in the network.

There are several tricks to read WhatsApp messages without revealing that you are connected or you have actually read the new text is accepted on your mobile phone. There are endless arguments to want to do this, so we explain the procedure to access your communications without "being" on WhatsApp.

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The easiest way to access WhatsApp without anyone knowing is to use the 'Aircraft Mode' function. Once you receive the messages, don't unlock the device, t unveil the fast options and select the vote 'Plane Mode';. What the mobile phone will do is completely disconnect, thus allowing reading messages without appearing connected and with the ignorance of the sender.

In case the messages are not very long, what you can do is use a WhatsApp message reading from the notifications that come to the obvious. The option is available within the application with the option "always show jumping element". What this will do is make the message visible from the unlocked screen.

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If your thing never appears online in WhatsApp, you are advised to deactivate the configuration of the message application. It should be noted that this change also prevents you from seeing the last connection of your other contacts.


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