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How simple caress reduces baby pain


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The babies in the study had 40% less pain activity in their brain.

We can not know what hurts them when they cry, but there is a simple way to alleviate their discomfort.

A study was discovered by the University of Oxford in collaboration with that University of Liverpool Careful stroke reduces brain activity associated with painful experiences.

The researchers monitored the brain activity of 32 babies while they were picked up for a blood test.

Half of them were cared for in advance with a soft brush. This group of babies showed 40% less pain activity in your brain.

Speed ​​is key

"It's apparent that you have to touch analgesic potential without the risk of triggering side effects," explained Dr Rebeccah Slater, part of the team that made the analysis.

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The babies have a number of medical tests during their stay in hospital.

In addition, the experiment came to that conclusion The best possible speed to reduce pain in babies It was about 3 centimeters per second.

"Parents compress their babies intuitively at this best possible pace," said Slater.

"If we can better understand the neuro-biological foundations of techniques such as baby massage, we can improve Advice we give to parents on how to comfort their babies. "

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That speed of Caresses stimulate a class of sensory neurons in the skin of the name C-tactile associated fibers, already shown to reduce pain in adults.

However, it was not clear whether the babies had the same response or if they were developing with growth.

"We found evidence suggesting that C-touch connectors could be implemented in babies slow and smooth contact It can cause changes to your brain activity, "says Professor Slater.

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Physical contact is proven to reduce stress in babies.

"Previous work has shown that physical contact can increase parental relationships, reduce stress to both parents and baby and reduce the length of stay in hospital," said the doctor .

The team now intends to hold the the same breakdown in premature babies, that sensory nerves are developed during their birth.

For Caroline Lee-Davey, executive director of Bliss, a premature and ill babies charity, this new research suggests that there is also a contact with parents It could help relieve pain in babies.

"It was already known that skin-to-skin contact makes a difference to babies in neonatal care, and it also helps parents to develop a bond with their child," he said.

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Skin-to-skin contact narrows baby's bonds with parents.

The organization will fund new studies next year from the University of Oxford who will investigate How to reduce pain in premature babies thank you for their parents.

"Many people do not realize how much medical procedures that are being exercisedn baby in neonatal care during her stay in hospital, "said Lee-Davey.

"Everything that can reduce baby discomfort is a major step forward in this field of research," he added.

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