Friday , August 19 2022

"How incredible is a fake!" Marley announced a video of Mirko and the criticism rained


There is no doubt at the moment Marley He became a father, his life went 180 degrees. Of course, no-one is born know how to raise a baby, and be a unemployed who is really dependent on our care and even precautions in the greatest moments everyday, such as feeding, changing the diaper, which covers cold or heat, among others. The recommendations that parents and parents must be addressed.

Quickly, Mirko He won the heart of the "One Minute to Win" driver, Telefe entertainment program. For that reason, he became a social media star and currently has more than two million followers on Instagram, a record that no other child of age had to do so far. Of course, his father is happy with the child's popularity, so he shows the audience every minute of his / her life as if it were a close diary.

In the last hours, Wiebe shared a fun video for her fans where she can see the one-year-old boy playing on a pile of an army pond, while Baley, her dog and a loyal friend gets Fun and surroundings have a nice afternoon of games and laughter. In the home recording, you can hear the sweet laughter of Mirko, which is pure tirelessness, however, some Internet users have seen further and analyzed details to the celebrities.

The water that the child plays is quite a bit, with mud and leaf, as seen in the images, so there was a shortage of people who said that it was wrong for Marley to leave it sitting there playing. On the other hand, there were also those who said that children in this way created defenses and antibodies to be able to cope with illnesses, and the driver congratulated them. This caused a big debate that had hundreds of comments for and against them.

Read the negative comments:

marii22mara Ja or immunization or kidnapping gastrointitis, be careful, stop, and do not drink aguita

suarezluciana The foolish who is fake marleyyyyy !!!!!! Metelo with a clean water pasture will go to give me a heart attack

rominaquerol That warthus. ?

Melvaperez1 Marley because dirty water is so bad?

flocale Guacale

Marley is proud that you can not give Mirko in that dirty water,
It can be infected by the mouth, ear and polulin with very small diarrhea with such a heat hazardous. There's a tip of mom

no cytoplasm that is baw

crisdelabarga This very dirty water

marilu.juarez.2015 What is dirty water?

sarita.tejeda.39 This is a dirty that the pool does not place there

malohuearanda Earth ,? It will give you a pain

rominalaurenzo Sacaloo de ahiii … crib of viruss??

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