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How Gymnema works, the plant that makes you use less sweets because it stops its flavor

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Obviously, sugar is not good for us. But it's so good! And like anyone who has biked with a sugar candy, I can assure you that it can be hard for you to stop, after you start. If only the dirty and delicious cycle was something that would affect something …

One of the ways in which people have given the most of the sugar train over the years is using woodland, growing tree vine in India, Africa and Australia. Her bitter compounds have been used for centuries in traditions such as Ayurveda to control diabetes and diabetes treatment. There is even evidence of herbs used 2000 years ago when treating "honey urine", a poetic and factual term for diabetes.

How Gymnema works

The most notable effect of the Gymnastics is that, after flavoring the leaves, your tongue will not be able or less able to taste the sweetness of the food. Article 2017 found in the Oral Journal of Biosciences reviewed by Japanese experts that gymnastic acids can interact with sweet tasting receptors on your tongue, which means that you can not taste the sweetness. And in the 2014 study in Biomed Research International it has been seen that chemical acids are chemicals similar to sugar molecules and can prevent the activation of the flavors.

In general, there is a quite effective mechanism. Human trials in an article in 1999 in the magazine Chemical Senses found that the ability of people to recognize sweet taste after washing with gymnastic acid in a trial test dropped to 14 per cent of their natural ability to know.

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Gymnic acids can also stick to the bowel surface, preventing absorption of sugar molecules and reducing blood sugar levels. MedlinePlus reports that counterfeit supplements could "affect blood sugar levels", although the available evidence is not sound. For that reason, they warn people with diabetes to observe signs of low blood sugar levels and they should take special care to take the vegetables together with insulin.

Gymnema comes in many forms

Herbs and compounds are available without prescription in different forms. The choice you choose will depend on the effects you expect and how much you are worried about the bitter flavors.


One of the traditional ways of taking cymnema is tea. But it's bitter drink, and this is not the easiest way to eat grass. You can buy packed tea bags such as those who have such great reviews as "The taste is not as bad as some critics talk about." It's cheap and direct, at least.


Combine is available in capsules or tablets in health food stores. Although capsules can have the effect of blocking absorption of bowel bowel, they will not have the effects of tea and surprise.

And pills

There is a way to gain mutual benefit benefits without having to taste a taste of tea: with a taste pillow. I sold commercially like Sweet Defeat, formerly known as Crave Crush. A supply of 60 pills costs $ 49.99.

Sweet Defeat has funded research, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, and is hosted by the clinical psychologist, Dr. Eric Stice and a team at the Oregon Research Institute, about formulating the pole. Stice recruited a team of 67 adults and asked them to choose their favorite stash sweets. They all ate a portion, and then took the pill or placebo. Then they were offered something else sweet to them. Those who had the active ingredient were 31 percent less likely to take a second candy and those who reported that "sweetness was reduced".

What to expect from Gymnema

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When the Sweet Defeat advertisements started it was only a matter of time until I drew the trigger and a supply order. I talked to Andrea Lawson, a client who left positive comments on the Sweet Defeat Facebook page, and told me what to expect:

"After taking a pole, everything that sweet tastes is very bad," he said. "It's like eating a cereal after you've finished brushing your teeth." Lawson says that the hardest part of using Sweet Defeat is, well, to use it.

"The hard part is taking a pill to suck when I have sugar sugar, instead of catching the cookie that's really fine," said Lawson. "That's the real challenge."

Sweet Disfeat envelopes are a lovely blue mood. Each tablets contains one milligram of zinc and two milligrams of a leaflet sheet, as well as some sorbitol and a selection of spirulina.

Like Lawson, the first obstacle for me was to start. I knew that I had to try the pills, but I did not want it. I thought we might start my experiment tomorrow, after a good ice cream tonight.

When I decided to start my tests, to ensure scientific rigor, I bought a bag of small cups of Reese peanut butter and Ben & Jerry products. After two badge butter cups, I tried a pill. I knew mint and a type of medication, nothing unpleasant. I felt my country badly bad.

After a few minutes, I have wrapped another cup of nuts and, with fear, she is a bit.

He knew very well. I'll sit there and eat more. The ice cream did not slow me.

I kept supplying my job and I'll experience it several times over the next few weeks, but I never managed to stop enough to stop myself. The experience to take and the incredible taste of the pill reminded me to try to be healthier, so to a large extent, I became more aware, it's probably.

I do not know if my boyfriend is more powerful than other people, or if they are just lucky, gymnastic acids can really be blocked. It seems that Gymnema works for many people, even if it's not enough to keep out of the second ice cream.

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