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How famous you would like to go to Bailando because you need to "pay the rent"

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February 24, 2019

After 2018, where he had a circle of a number of years, he said he wanted to join the event although it is not "the profile they are looking for". "

Tinelli Dancing

Y 2019 dancing It creates great expectations as the year goes on and every time there are fewer days to start. This year, the dance competition is led Marcelo Tinelli He will have a special edition and will contain a number of figures, although they have not yet been published by the production.

However, who was excited to be a famous part, which was a very important change in his life in 2018: after 15 years, Eduardo Massa Alcántara, better known Cabito, left the radio program Enough of Everything, a bike hosted by Matias Martin on Radio Metro.


However, he said he would like to be in the Bailando, although he also believes that "this is not the profile they are looking for" for the event that attracts crowds: "I would like to go, but they will not make me. I think they are looking for another profile of people: people who have something more to contribute. I'm a much lower profile than what they're looking for Dancing"

"It's fun for me to do a TV, to communicate, to be in front of the camera, for people to listen to what they have to say. I am available to accept offers. Also, I have expenses to pay"He said in a dialogue with Teleshow

What happened last year, Cabito said: "I have a very painful situation, to leave a job that I loved for more than 15 years. But that's a job. It's not a wedding or a friend's club. And in a job when you're useful or active, you're involved and when you give it up, you're invited to retire " .

In addition, in 2018 he ended with his partner Florencia Nedelcu, after eight years: "This is the most important relationship of my life."

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