Wednesday , June 29 2022

HIV Revolution: they discover a way to eliminate infected cells


A group of researchers from the French Institute of Pasteur have given a A new step in the fight against AIDS virus (HIV) after discovering a way to be able to eliminate the infected cells, According to a study published by Cell Metabolism. This perception, also published by the Pasteur Foundation, could revolutionize HIV treatment, because, so far, patients have to take anti-anti-viral drugs that can not kill the reservoirs (viruses hidden) of HIV that is introduced in the immune cells.

"Our job is to identify the infected cells so that we can concentrate better with the goal of eliminating the organism," said study co-ordinator, Spanish Asier Sáez -Cirión, and the Pasteur Foundation, in a statement broadcast on RTL radio. The researchers team have been able to identify the features of CD4 Lymphocytes, the immune cells that HIV encourages and uses to produce copies of it.

Existing treatments – antiretroviral – prevent HIV from doing this and multiply, but do not improve, that is, they do not terminate the virus, but leave it in a dormant state. . Researchers have now discovered that the virus mainly infects cells with strong metabolic activity – as well as CD4-, where the use of glucose plays a leading role. Understanding that mechanism will open a door to erase cells that have been infected, says experts.

What the researchers have to achieve is block of infection thanks to metabolic activity inhibitors already examined against cancer in experiments carried out ex vivo, that is, performing in biological tissues or on organism in an artificial environment. The researchers said that the discovery was a promising first step, although they explained that it was still necessary for this technique to be applied in patients.

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