Tuesday , August 9 2022

Here's what Mate X is, bet Huawei to beat the Fold Galaxy and iPhone blink


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  • Huawei sold 206 million smartphones during 2018

  • But Samsung introduced the Fold Galaxy earlier

  • Chinese technology is trying to continue to cut distances with South Korea and Apple.

Innovation is one of the factors that make most brands stand out in smartphones, and after multifunctional multi-gamers and screens without discs, everything indicates that folding or folding devices is the next step, a Huawei It's among the brands that want to get there first.

The aim, always the same, try to conquer and collect the user looking to win your choice when buying a new smartphone.

They all want to earn a larger share in a market with higher value than those 487 billion dollars every year at a global level, according to the predicted data in Statista.

Huawei does not want to give it

Chinese technology is trying to continue to grow in terms of selling a mobile phone, while trying not to try the strong US-driven campaign to ignore its brand in the 5G technology market.

In this context, promoting its product department, especially smartphones, is fundamental and, after presenting P30 which is to be held in Paris, next March 26, the first of its bending device will be added.

It's about Mate X It will probably be presented in the 2019 Mobile World Congress, which will take place in the city of Barcelona between February 25 and 28.

This is because the advertisement image that is being prepared for the MWC where smartphone is promoted has been spread on social networks in China.

The board board has already allowed some experts to find differences with Galaxy Fold, which Samsung introduced this week, even with the Xiaomi folding.

It's a smart phone with a very clean design and style lines, with one fold, similar to Royole Plexpai that we have met at CES 2019.

Everything seems to leak but, given the practice that has started to see in Huawei, it would not be surprising that it attracted attention and produced an expectation for its presentation in MWC 2019, which has been scheduled for 24 February .

Only a few days after Samsung introduced the Galaxy Food, its mobile phone folded and, in fact, along with the event, the Chinese brand announced a number of content on Twitter through its global accounts, from Colombia to Mexico, when South Korea fell saying it was more innovative.

Is the capture in the next trend?

We have said that this is based on the fact that there is almost no brand that works or even has introduced its smart phone folding.

As well as this week's Galaxy Policy, we have already been able to know a bit about offering Xiaomi and the Royole FlexPai, but it's not just the ones, it's known that LG is working in one and , although it is different, also the Moto Razr, of Motorola.

In addition, this week's study showed how smart patent for smartphone phone could look at the iPhone.

So, in the case of Huawei, it is important to have an impact with Mate X, because, during 2018, 206 million phones (14.89 per cent), according to data from Canalys, coped with Apple (212.1 million iPhone ) and cut a distance with Samsung (293.7 million), this was achieved by being innovative and anticipating its competitors.


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