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Here's how Actrices Argentinas and their members have responded to Ernesto Tenembaum's opinion on the allegations of abuse in La Cámpora – 12/17/2018


Y Actors on Argentinas The message came from the journalist to ask for a remote question this weekend Ernesto Tenembaum, where he was judging around the Argentine #MeToo.

The debate over the tweet grew so much today, actress Verónica Llinás even explained why the group of actresses did not support Valeria Bertuccelli in his dispute with Ricardo Darín for alleged illness.

Ernesto Tenembaum spoke about the allegations of sexual abuse and harassment in La Cámpora.

Ernesto Tenembaum spoke about the allegations of sexual abuse and harassment in La Cámpora.

Actrices Argentinas last week supports the international idea of ​​Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthés for an alleged crime that happened in Nicaragua and when she was young.

But the following days, the effect of the saying of the Poetry and the announcement with Actrices Argentinas has triggered delays and exposures in different public and private fields. By the end of the week, many women reported harassment, sexual abuse and injuries by men politics.

On Sunday, Ernesto Tenembaum He specifically mentioned the allegations against La Cámpora officers and soldiers. On Twitter, he wrote: "I am reading scary accusations about La Campora's chief executives by female operators, and in my TL, I do not see them reproduce them or ask for explanations or angry, there are & # 39; n the second abuse they will leave on their own. "

Actrices Argentinas's co-operation was organizationally responding to Tenembaum in the same network. "PWNC, ERRADA", They told him about his assessment.

But many famous actors came across the journalist personally.

"What a pity you'll use to download cac," he said. Julieta Cardinali. "We helped a co-actor who came to ask for help, I'll invite them to create a network of suspension in their areas, doing well instead of bad."

Muriel Santa Ana answered Tenembaum even more stringent: "Your words are a complete dispute, you waste our time, as good patriotic slaves, you are awkward, we're working alone for 10 months without a bike, without money and without power , did you build anything? "

He also asked the actor and director Jasmine Stuart. "A man is trying to share the women, making them believe they are unusual," he added, adding: "In Argentine Actrices we include thousands of new cases, we are creating help protocols and defining concrete claims to the State, and you, Ernesto Tenembaum, what do you do except the muddy court?"

Ernesto Tenembaum, critic of Argentinian Institutions for his opinion on the allegations against La Campora.

Ernesto Tenembaum, critic of Argentinian Institutions for his opinion on the allegations against La Campora.

Veronica Llinás, for his part, he devoted several messages. First, he answered online with Cardinali: "Actrices Argentinas is a combination that regions created to protect abortion law and women's rights, we do not have the tools to evaluate cases beyond our scope, we are not State , it would be good to promote the formation of other groups instead of attacking us. "

And when Llinás expanded later ("We are not the State, we can not attend every case," he said), Tenembaum decided to answer. "I think there's a mistake to interpret," wrote the journalist. "I had never referred to any group, what I believe is that the women who denote abuse in La Cámpora are too lonely, as it happened in the face with disaster relatives Once" , The Tenembaum announced.

Llinás the trip followed a round, and added: "Conclusions such as ours are precisely formed due to the absence of the State, with all appropriate respects, I believe it deserves more attention from the media than any other circumstances. " And today, outside the reactions to the Tenembaum message, he explained to the media: "Actrices Argentinas supported a complaint of minor rape, accusing someone who has already been designated several times by other fellows, not all the same, please do not run the focus."

Tenembaum has also devoted his radio to the topic today and added on Twitter: "I'm asking the women that denote abuse in La Cámpora too lonely, I ask for a few minutes, listen to the cases, and that everyone does what he or she is in feeling a serious issue that deserves some attention ".

The crossing on Twitter between Ernesto Tenembaum and Actrices Argentinas

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