Sunday , June 26 2022

He traded the fixed retail dollar at $ 37 at the end of the week


fixed market

In the wholesale segment, the price of the US currency was about $ 36 and by the end of the year the Rofex trading at $ 38.40

The dollar came to the end of the week with a fixed tendency quoted at $ 36.98 for sale, barely a penny above the previous day, while Central Bank reduces the interest rate again.

According to the average published by the financial authority, the money ended at $ 35.08 for the buyer and $ 36.98 for the seller.

At Banco Nación, the ticket closed at $ 36.90, while the highest price was open to HSBC Bank counters at $ 37.15.

Within the framework of the new financial plan, the Central Bank held a 10-day Liquidity Letter sale and the amount awarded was $ 132,266 million, with an average cut rate of 62.208%, with a highest rate of 62,991%.

In this way, the financial authority had a slight downward trend in interest rates for the tenth consecutive day.

The soldier sold in the wholesale market reached $ 760.6 million, without recording operations in the future segment.

In the square where banks and investors operate, the dollar ended at $ 35.93, twelve cents under the values ​​recorded at the end of the previous day.

"Next Monday holidays could influence the anticipation of actions with the purpose of making pesos, justifying the weakness of the dollar being implemented on the date," says analyst Gustavo Quintana.

However, in the week that has just finished, The wholesale exchange rate raised an increase of fifty-three percent compared to last Friday.

"Argentina is starting to see the first fruits of the stabilization program implemented since October, although the high political cost associated with this strategy is still wise," he said. 39; r the SBS group in his report.

Then he added: "The local scene showed a new week of financial stability, but there has been a new negative consequences that left the recent volatility, justifying the suspicions about the political sustainability of the way to travel."

At ROFEX from Rosario, $ 636 million was implemented, more than 60% were agreed between November and December, with final prices at $ 36,965 and $ 38.36 respectively, with rates of 75.10% and 54.86% TNA.

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