Thursday , August 18 2022

He took pictures to a teenager tail on the subway, discovered and protected by an unusual excuse


A man was forced to fall from the Line A form after the passengers discovered that I was photographing a young girl. The event took place on Wednesday before the subway arrived at Plaza Miserere station.

Matías, 21, was the one that was discovered and then spreads the images on social networks. "I sat next to him and I could see how on cell phone He opened his camera and started taking pictures. I thought I had seen it wrong, because it closed fast. I watched it, agored pornographic sites, shared videos in WhatsApp groups. Everyone is very odd, "he said. Infobae.

The young man confirmed suspicion when he saw the tail image of the passenger who was in front of this man's cell phone. "Then I touched her leg and asked him what he was doing. He had not told me anything and I answered yes, I was taking pictures of the girl. Then I'll stop telling him. When he left me to start recording, "he explained.

The man's first response was to say that he had not taken any pictures. However, the young girl – who was traveling with a sister- He asked him to show him the last pictures that he took with his camera.

"Show the camera nothing more", the sister of the victim attacked that, according to Matías, he was small. The man started slipping his finger on the screen, making sure he had not taken any pictures. Until it appears. "Look at a nice picture, look at the nice picture"Matías said ironically. The young victim's sister added to the claim: "Show the picture because I'll take your cell phone out, you're fake back."

"The cell phone was taken without doing so," was the unusual response of the man, who kept the headphones on and asked them not to touch when the other woman hit him ahead: "What do you have in your head, eh?"

Matías did not know the victim and did not contact him after he had published the videos. "I was surprised, wanted to cry. The sister was fierce and she was still standing, she could not believe what had happened, "said the young man.

"They helped me to raise up three other children, I can not go alone. We forced it down at Plaza Miserere and I know that the girls are coming off, they were looking for a policeman. A passenger struck him with a slap on the face, but we did not want to attack him. I do not know what happened next, "Matías finished.

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