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He spent 10 years drunk to find the best recovery for the long run – 05/12/2018


As an excuse it is not bad, though it requires a lot of imagination. Incubate in scientific research to spend 10 years drinking daily until it sounds sound sensible. The famous "in the name of science " Everything enables him and, perhaps the most bizarre thing, his ennobles.

It seems, without doubt, it's wild but it's just what a Canadian literature teacher did. What was it looking for? Find "Holy Greil" from lcure for the crime. And, after 10 years of dew and trying hundreds of "treatments", He says he got it. At least, you can not accuse it of not using the scientific method.

After being surprised by modern medicine, he decided to identify himself, Presenting to numerous nights of awakening and awful mornings in the process.

The Bishop's recipe has ingredients that are available over the counter.

The Bishop's recipe has ingredients that are available over the counter.

All his experience, Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall – we were talking about – he recorded in his new book: "Hangover: The next morning and Question One Man for the Cure."

Search for Bishop-Stall He took him around the world: drink, suffer, repeat. As stated in the book, and so that anyone who has traced the Internet to look for a solution for his hedony who is suffering from alcohol can be seen, There has been little scientific research on the surplus answers.

"The most obvious reason is just a type of moralist. Doctors, are weighed by time, say: Why do I waste my time on this? There is not everything you have to do that it does not drinkr ", Bishop-Stall said to The Guardian.

Bishop-Stoned spent ten years investigating finding the best recovery for lying. Photo: Courtesy & Post

Bishop-Stoned spent ten years investigating finding the best recovery for lying. Photo: Courtesy & Post

"It seems we are very great about scientific progress, except when It's about this little odd phenomenon"The 44-year-old man in The Post added.

"And there's a kind of difficult logic to counter. But at the same time it's probably a most common illness. The economy suffers, the everyday lives of people are affected. So why can not we try to solve this?"The past teacher was a bar owner.

Bishop-Stall spent 10 years drinking to find the cure for the crochet

Bishop-Stall spent 10 years drinking to find the cure for the crochet

To establish your research line, Bishop-Stall recorded everything he drinks during one night and evaluate the severity of their symptoms the following day. Then, he tried to drink the same night, but he added a healthy supplement and tracked his effects.

"It was a process of cancellation until I arrived. The ingredients that I thought they had had merit, "he said.

During his trip, mixed in a fluid, Bishop-Stall He tried hundreds of treatments called here. These ranged from curious cooking cues (eels and spicy sheep) to hang a high head (expensive but effective IV nutrition) to the most boring strategies.

Crazy investigation

Bishop-Stall launched his inquiry enthusiastically. He took part in a trip "Ends to Las Vegas", which included go on a fighter aircraft, where he made the power G he felt he was "sweating back", to make a bungee jump of a height of 260 meters.

He was striving to do all these things, of course, with hung hanging. He achieved this through Martinis and red wine, which led him to wake up in an unknown hotel room and found in his pockets "folding screw cork and small door crew".

The investigation was crazy

The investigation was crazy

"Truly it's about eliminating the most awful aspects from the crockery. Sense, headache, body pain: those that keep you lie down or even take you to the doctor's office, "he adds and promises: "You will not have any of them. "

The effects on health

Although he sometimes calls friends for help with research, especially in parties such as St Patrick's Day, which included 12 guests and six bottles of Irish whiskey, Bishop-Stall The white kiss was the main. And his body took his dangerous experiment.

Improved human health sensibly. Photo: Courtesy & Post

Improved human health sensibly. Photo: Courtesy & Post

"Almost all aspects of my health suffered real in those years"Bishop-Stall said." I was stressed, I had problems with a circular system. My mental health has also suffered anxiety, "he added.

Here is the Bishop's recipe for correction in the past

Despite the health problems that he affected Bishop Stond, his thorough investigation he held away: in the book, reveals, in fact, that there was a reliable recovery for the offense. Fortunately, animal parts have not been chopped, but a handful of over-the-counter counter supplements that you can easily eat "after the last drink, just before denying".

The hero's ingredient, according to Bishop-Stall, is "high dose", about 1,500 milligrams, or amino acid or name N-acetylcysteine ​​(NAC). NAC, which explains, is a "kind of magical ingredient": it helps the body to produce a powerful antioxidant of the glutathione name. In addition, he has earned his reputation as a poisonous cure: NAC is used in hospital settings to treat Tylenol overdoses.



"It's a drug with moolytic propertiess. Its operating mechanism is to break disulfide bonds of mucous and mucous secrets, making them less viscous (mucolytic effect). This effect has mainly focused on the reduction in the injection of the bronze secretions, making it easier for the later interference. It also activates the ciliated epithelium, favoring the expectation and cytoprotective of the respiratory system. A glutathione predecessor, by normalizing its levels, "according to Wikipedia.

Along with NAC, Bishop-Stall recommends:

– Take vitamins B1, Y6 and Y12, which assumes that NAC is more effective

– Boswellia sacra (incens), which has anti-inflammatory features

– Milk Worm (also known as dairy milk), a vegetarian that includes even more glutathione.

So there is no more disease, there is no more pain. No doctors worry more. But one thing that is a Bishop-Stall he has not yet resolved is the "tired, ysgall and moodiness " more to do with a lack of deep sleep than alcohol itself.

Bishop-Stall says he is still working on a way to get rid of those symptoms, but he has not yet found a "safe way that I would recommend to others. " The search continues.

But you can already cross the past.

What the experts say

"These supplements are more for chronic alcoholic with liver damage, not for occasional drinkers with cover. ", says Dr. Edward Goldberg, gastroenterologist at New York Hospital.

Goldberg adds that "milk and NAC can help with alcohol-related problems, such as inflammation and liver damage," but it states "Liver does not cause turnover; dehydration is doing it."



In the meantime, the experthe says the smell could help. Although little research was made, "he has an anti-inflammatory property really, then, theoretically, he could help with respect in the same way as Advil." However, he would prefer to see his patients drink 2 liters of coconut water or Pedialyte just before they restrict themselves. .

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