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He refused to sell SMEs: 80% saw casualty and demand measures


Retail sales of SMEs were in November its worst decline from year to year so far in a year where, in addition, takes eleven months in a row of casualties. They dropped by 15.6% against November 2017, reported today's report of the Confederation of Medium Enterprise (Came).

According to CAME, except Food and drinks, All items inspected had double annual falls in their sums sold.

In Manufactures, sales decreased by 23.5% in amounts compared to one month last year and a 7.7% decrease so far this year. I sent a little and nothing. Almost all movement was limited to consultations. The local people gave proposals and they were very careful with cost transfers to prices, but families even faced income difficulties bought back in that branch. In Food and Beverages, sales decreased in 9.3% annually and added a 3.1% reduction in eleven months of year. There was very little activity in neighborhood shops, turning people into cheap, distributed products, for example, of drinks, desserts and fast-moving complementary products replacing each other as preferred prices. In clothing, sales decreased by 14.2% compared to one month of 2017 and thus falling by 6.4% in eleven months of & # 39; per year (in sums).

"The textile sector is very complex, without financing and without credit, the pay chain is complex. There is no liquidity in the street. All businesses are looking for market wealth to pay for fixed costs, "explained Horacio Ernesto del Burgo, president of the Argentine Textile Chamber and Allied Innovation (CAITA).

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However, as other entrepreneurs in the sector he said "in the face of holidays and Fashion Week, sales repayments were expected."

The Fashion Week will take place between 6 and 9 December and will reach 38,577 stores attached to Now 12, which can operate in 3 installments with no interest and up to 35% discount on leather and footwear.

In Hardware and electrical appliances, sales fell by 20.9% compared to one month last year and added a slip of 7.4% so far this year.

According to regions, although all the marks in the country were equally affected by the deep fall in retail sales, the lowest marks in East of Argentina (NEA) had a 14.2% decrease. In CABA and Buenos Aires province, on the other hand, sales fell by 17.4%, according to the report.

This is the most obvious decline of 2018. 83.3% of businesses registered are annual losses, and the shops collect eleven consecutive months of sales declining with an annual average of -5.8%.

From CAME they ask for "the 12th now to be resumed without interest, discriminatory rates for SMEs and that Congress impedes a labor reform in 2019 that allows for reducing the weight of employer contributions".

The best selling channel with the best results in the month was online.

"The market was very low in November and the amounts sold fell by 15.6% compared to one month last year. * Even with promotions and quotas, moods & # 39; The people, who were still very careful, were promoted. It affects the high stock of debt accrued by families with credit cards and interest rises, which cause displacement & # 39; The amount of money that should be used to use the financial system, "said statement.

In November, 83.3% of businesses consulted had annual sales losses (76.4% in October). Only 8.9% grew (17.4% in October) and 7.8% remained unchanged. The worst discounts in retail retail were recorded with an annual decrease of 23.5% (always measured in sums), followed by Electronic Equipment and Supplies (-21.8%).

The end of year's proximity in a market that is not recreated creates anxiety and uncertainty in the sector. Some businesses are very careful when estimating stock for December, even at risk, if the market is implemented, they will be left without goods to sell. "We have a lot of accumulated stock", fitting in the shoe and textile sectors where rotation is essential.

Its sales with better results in the month was the online. Sales in this way rejected by 4.5% compared to the same month last year, although many businesses who still use this path are still Many cases are consumed and totally.

For December, the business expects an increase in sales, supported by the good fun climate and the agreements between shops and cards to provide payment facilities. But it will also depend on the availability of money and achieve the best funding rates.

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