Monday , January 25 2021

He raised the dollar that fell: the Central was auctioned at $ 75 million and closed at 38.10

The US money had gone from $ 38.10 to $ 38.30, but then resumed and closed the 20 cents that had increased

The retail dollar ended at $ 38,262 today and the wholesaler continues under the inter-zone zone at $ 37.19, despite a new intervention from the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina (BCRA), who bought another $ 75 million .
The average purchase price of the entity led by Guido Sandleris was $ 37.24, while the maximum purchase value was $ 37.25.

The BCRA bought the maximum quota by two auctions, one of US $ 50 million and the second from US $ 25 million, when the currency has been located under the non-interference zone.
For Gustavo Quintana, an analyst at PR Corredores de Cambios, "revenues from overseas returned mainly through average day averages and the initial weight injury that had pushed the dollar with an increase that took to a maximum of $ 37.45 per unit. "

And he emphasized "for the first time in the month," the BCRA received currency for the published limit, "having little impact on the evolution of the wholesale dollar."

The volume traded in the cash segment was US $ 673.2 million, with no transactions in the future market.

In the interbank currency market, the money called, it operated on an average of 46%. In foreign exchange exchanges, it was agreed to take $ 141 million and / or put money in pesos, by using the purchase and sale of dollars for tomorrow and Wednesday.

"In the Rosario future market (Rofex), $ 569 million was committed, and 40% agreed in February and March with final prices of $ 38.22 and $ 39.4450, with rates of 42, 12% annual nomination rate and 40.24% (TNA).

The loss prices showed an average of $ 0.15, according to the ABC Mercado de Cambios daily report.

Total transactions in the foreign exchange market amounted to US $ 673 million.

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