Monday , October 3 2022

He picked up the teacher's face because he was sent to Chronic March


The violence took place on a morning and Wednesday, at the EPES 95 School in the Illia area, Formosa, when a 16-year-old student refused his teacher history, and at times when he told me he had to leave it in March

Unexpectedly, the teacher Mario Medina, holder of the above subject in the 4th year, had been kicked in the face. Then there were riots in the classroom. Although everything happened, the witnesses recorded the scene with their mobile.

According to the local media, the student in question has several records of misconduct and violence. In this way, the institution's teacher in statements to Radio Formosa said, "this is not the first time the child reacts aggressively" and even quizzes that he suspects It throws a smell bomb into one of the classrooms of the school, which complicates a school day.

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