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He murdered his partner, injured a neighbor and committed suicide in Remedies of Climbing – 02/22/2019


A man murdered his partner today in a house of the Buenosairean Locality of Climbing Remedies, seriously injured a neighbor who went out to the street to see what happened and finally committed suicide from a shot on his head.

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It happened about 9, in a house of the streets José León Suárez and Dardo Rocha, to the south of the Buenosairean conurbano. The victim was identified as the Verona Analytics Gauna, 46 years.

As the police rebuilt, everything began when Gauna began to discuss with his partner, Alejandro Saraceni, 48. In the middle of the discussion, the man began attacking Gauna, who shot at least two bullets in his body, which caused him serious injuries.

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Then he went out to the street and continued shooting in the air, told the neighbors. In front of that situation, several of them went to the street to see what happened, among them the son of the owner of a corral, called Héctor Parrilla, 45, who received two shots in the body shot by Saraceni.

One of the suspicions of the researchers is that Parrilla had maintained a loving relationship with the victim and that is what would have motivated Saraceni to shoot them both.

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A friend of Saraceni confirmed to the press this hypothesis by pointing out that the situation "killed him" and that they had existed episodes of alleged episodes of gender violence.

"I think the boy who is hurt (Grill) also knew that something was going to happen. He knew him, he knew that (Saraceni) was a neighbor, who was an impulsive person, and he also played with a double-knife knife", said this young man.

Police sources said several neighbors called the police, so that the police officers of the Climbing Remedies went to the place. However, before the uniformed ones arrived, Saraceni committed suicide to a shot in the head.

The police that arrived within the few minutes found neighbor Grill wounded severely with two bullet impacts in his chest and abdomen, and was transferred to the Hospital Evita, where he was surgically intervened and remained internally in a reserved state.

Meanwhile Gauna died, who was converted into the house the victim number 34 in what goes from the year killed in the framework of gender violence.

The police that entered the house found a caliber revolver in one of the environments .38, Jaguar mark, two carabins, two shotguns, as well as cocaine, marijuana and a precision balance.

As for weapons, Saraceni's friend explained that "He liked hunting" and "they had papers" with the corresponding documentation, except the revolver, because "once they wanted to steal there in the kiosk and he removed it."

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According to the researchers, In that place a kind of drug kiosk would have worked, although Saraceni's friend denied him and he recognized that he "consumed".

In that regard, he estimated that last night he had been "taking drugs and the impulse led him to do what he did. "

The fact is investigated by personnel from the local police station that works under the orders of the Operational Unit of Instruction (UFI) 4 of the Judicial Department Lomas de Zamora.

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