Friday , December 4 2020

He jumped the dollar 77 cents a week and closed over $ 39

The ticket was with the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), where the currency increased 34 cents to $ 38.17 on wheel with swellows and volatility and death. In the week, meanwhile, North America's currency crashed an increase of 77 cents.

Progress is in line with the region: in Brazil, it earns 0.6%, in Chile, 0.9% and in Mexico, 0.5%, when the index rose dollar 0.6 % against a basket of coins.

Y The Central Bank of Liquid Letters auctioned 7 days for $ 125,132 million (released $ 34,622 million), with the court average rate of 59.08% (on Thursday it had closed at 59.16%). The highest yield was 59.75% and the lowest products was 58.4%.

Fernando Izzo, o ABC Exchange Market, stressed that "The surprise news in the week was that the BCRA had released $ 144,280 million and the dollar did not just appreciate 2.1% without the intervention of the financial authority ".

The prices showed a very broad course that led to a significant gap between the minimum and minimum operating.

It may set up a new scenario that, without dramaticism, shows an increase in prices by the end of December. "(Gustavo Quintana, PR Corredores de Cambio)

From the start of the session, the demand for attention was set and prices valued with an important increase that led them to a maximum of $ 38.35 in the seconds of the largest purchases.

The good levels that reached the wholesale exchange rate stimulated the appearance of dealers that decayed the initial pressures with losses that made the dollar dollar the floor of $ 38, with a minimum average of $ 37.90 at start & # 39 the final part.

At the end of the day, the rest of the dissatisfied demand pushed the stock price back to the levels recorded at the end. Total volume traded by 14.4% of US $ 630 million dropped.

"The predicted projections were confirmed that the dollar in the wholesale segment would be confirmed on the date and may install a new scenario that, without unemployment, showed an increase in prices by the end of December," they were told without PR Corredores de Cambios.

In the informal market, of his / her part, the opera opera glas is $ 37.65, according to this media survey in caves in downtown Buenos Aires. In the meanwhile, the "contad with liqui" denied yesterday 25 cents to $ 37.84.

Other money markets

In the informal market, meanwhile, the blue 35 wins won to $ 38, according to this media survey in caves in downtown Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, the "contad with liqui" refused 25 cents at $ 37.84.

In the interbank currency market the "money money" I've been executed on an average of 58%. In exchange exchanges, it was agreed to take $ 156 million and / or install money in pesos by using the purchase and sale of dollars for Monday and Tuesday next.

In the ROFEX future market, US $ 1,165 million was discussed, with more than 70% agreed between December and January with final prices at $ 39,075 and $ 40.90 with 61.81% and 54.39% TNA rates respectively.

Finally, the BCRA international funds rose Thursday of US $ 35 million and ended at $ 49.920 million.

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