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He gave the pump Gymnastics, abolished the River in Mar del Plata and reached the final – Télam


River Plate refused 5 to 4 defining penalties before Gymnastics and Esgrima La Plata after an equal 2-2 in the 90 minute regular time and so he will not be able to play the Copa Libertadores 2019 unless he wins the final of 2018 in Boca Juniors, while the "Triperos" will play the Argentine Copa final within a week with Rosario Central.

The winner of the Argentine-Gymnastics Cup or Rosario Central-will be a place in the 2019 Copa Libertadores group stage.

Starting the game tonight in Mar del Plata's two logical accompaniment: The River takes the firm and gymnastics firmly standing in the middle looking to narrow places to compete.

The delicious night in Mar del Plata (16 degrees) and a full World Cup stadium, with most River Plate fans but a great presence of flavors, inviting an unusual party during these hours when the River takes part special.

But it seems that he did not weigh on the "millionaire" that the Copa Libertadores's second frustrating emotional overload and following uncertainty would be in the end of a pitch and where that will be & # 39; it happens (it's very likely it will be in the distant capital of Qatar, Doha).

What is it, to try to open his competitor, here is the technician, Marcelo Gallardo, showing an assault that started in his defense, and especially in Javier Pinola, during the first time he was tired of throwing cross pictures to Ignacio Fernandez or Gonzalo Montiel's possible projections to the right.

And when this did not happen, the alternative was to use the left-line left line so that Gonzalo Martínez tries to lose his skill to Ezequiel Bonifacio.

All, after the first 45 minutes that ended and giving good results to Nunez, just before half an hour played and Bonifacio was devoted to breaking "Pity" and had turned, kick for free, goal first of his team with a half-shot shot that counted on the complexity of the keeper Alexis Martin Arias.

But it was not more than four minutes since a Gymnastics came to take off a center of the old Paraguayan Lanús Víctor Ayala, who almost dropped without running on his right foot, but a failure in this case by a keeper the river Franco Armani. allowing Lorenzo Faravelli to get an arc and ball available to show equality.

But when it seemed that the fortune started to compress the back of the "tripero" again, Bonifacio crossed strongly to Martinez and ended up taking the second yellow and consequent red card. Just a little more than five minutes were the worst of Gymnastics, which ended up taking one corner after another until the final whistle of Facundo Tello.

And what was expected, many were not going to catch the team led by Pedro Troglio in the second half, having confirmed, he only played two minutes, when Lucas Pratto showed his physical strength after play that started with an argument for alleged breach Horacio Tijanovich did not rise and ended with Bear & # 39; defines relatively similar to the first and over goal in the final phase of the Libertadores against Boca, defining a very open angle.

Everything was asking for an Afon mouth, wins and with a man over, but Pinola's nonsense would be put again in the game to Gimmnasia when it was 4 minutes, leaving what happened to him with Bonifacio , left his team with one less to apply to Maximiliano Coronel to kick a corner cast by Ayala. He was also criminal because the ball was playing, but Tello did not raise it.

But it did not take too much time for the story to look similarly, to the contrary, for the benefit of gymnastics at this time, once again Ayala launched the right center with it Normal detail and Santiago Silva was clean to goal the goal before answering Armani's new weakness. Just 10 minutes have passed since Pinola was canceled. He was his tenth goal to the River throughout his career.

Just over half an hour later turned everything into no curtains, because 10 shows ten again the river and took Gymnastics, as there are more places, trying to make the court even wider than in late, with the main objective Martinez will not have places to travel comfortably.

And in fact the "Pity" was going to play the last minutes playing on the right rather than on the left as it had started, but there were still too many deep holes where it could & # 39 ; The old Hurricane dropped, what in the despair to win in the 90s regular records led the River to try to find answers in the air game, something whose decision is not determined.

And in fact, between gymnastics who determined determined the definition of the 12 cam and Afon so the owner of the ball was void in breaking the iron defense competition, everything defines from where the "milwaukee" less they wanted

And that's why there was no more Gymnastics, who was devoted to the finalization of five penalties against four rivers, and will play the final against Rosario Central looking for a place in the group time of the Copa Libertadores next year and a second title from the professional stage. For the first goal, the "millionaire" has now forced to beat the Superfinal to Boca. If not, play South America in 2019.

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